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Just by setting our eyes on some nook of the Chilean geography, from the most representative sites to those still unexplored, one can discover the beauty treasured by this land.

To start the tour, click on the photographs in the upper toolbar, drag the mouse across the map of Chile or choose one of the most visited destinations amongst the 47 cities distributed into 5 corridors.
See the destinations most requested by our visitors. Iquique, La Serena, Santiago, Viña del Mar, Pucón, Puerto Varas and Puerto Natales.
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Route Finder

Route Finder

Chilean roads are ideal to travel both during the day and at night. From North to South and vice versa, it is possible to find hundreds of incredible destinations to visit and enjoy. This fast and practical route finder will let you choose your destinations and calculate distances. Just enter the origin and destination spots and you will find the most appropriate route for your trip: the safest, the shortest and alternative routes, as well as accommodation and gastronomic options at each city.
Hotels in Chile

Hotels in Chile

Where to Sleep is the most visited section in Welcome Chile online tourist guide. Here you will access a list of accommodation venues in each city classified according to category and type: hotels, boutique hotels, cabins, tourist resorts, inns, apart hotels, hostels and other lodging alternatives. Your accommodation option is expecting you at each city. Just click on the one you like best.
Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

Along its vast geography, Chile is one of the most popular world sceneries chosen by lovers of adventure travel to experience a challenge. Featuring multiple and varied landscapes, the desert, the undulated valleys, the mountains and volcanoes, the Pacific Ocean with its fjords and islands and, of course, its paradisiacal Patagonia invite visitors to climb, fly, paddle, ride, cycle and hike around the wonderful natural circuits this country has to offer.
Photos of Chile

Photos of Chile

For several decades, photography has performed a leading role when it comes to organizing a trip, just as when we want to share it with our family, friends and acquaintances on our way back. In Welcome Chile you will find the best Photo Galleries in each of the cities and all their tourist attractions, both nearby and distant. You may start planning your trip at this section along with the daily work done by our photographers. Choose one photo gallery and start getting your trip ready.
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Recommended activities

Total: 347 tours and excursions.
Outdoor Hot Spring Harmony

San Pedro de Atacama
II Región de Antofagasta

Outdoor Hot Spring Harmony

Hot springs are always an exceptional part of a pleasure trip. At Puritama, the rugged natural surroundings are an added attraction.
Bellavista Neighborhood

Región Metropolitana

Bellavista Neighborhood

We went shopping around this special neighborhood in Santiago. Lapis lazuli jewelry shops, exhibition halls, museums, theaters and fine restaurants await the arrival of visitors.
Osorno, A Living Volcano

X Región de los Lagos

Osorno, A Living Volcano

The profile of the Osorno Volcano is visible from several points in the Lake District. In addition to admiring its silhouette, getting to know its attractions from a close...
La Junta, a Town with Its Own Identity

La Junta
XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo

La Junta, a Town with Its Own Identity

A town of agricultural and cattle farming origins shows off its growth and the daily life of its centric streets without losing its typical simplicity.
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