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Concón - Photos : Marcelo Sola

Fotos - Photos Concón - Photos : Marcelo Sola

../img/letras/i_c.gifonsidered the gastronomical capital of Chile due to its cooking expertise and the numerous venues devoted to making delicious dishes based on seafood, fish and tender meat, Concón is a city and bathing resort located 8 kilometers to the North of Reñaca and 12 from Viña del Mar.

An area of beaches with a soft undulation towards the sea, its temperate climate is determined by the cold sea currents that sweep the shores and the sea winds that moderate temperatures. The weather features an average temperature of 20° C in the summer and 15° C in the winter.

There are several accesses to Concón. Leaving from Viña del Mar, take the Coast Road, the International Road or Los Ositos – Camino del Alto slope, all of them have proper signs. If you leave from Santiago, take Route 5, through the detour to Calera or along Route 60 directly to Concón.

All those visitors choosing Concón as a destination –whether for business or pleasure- will find a wide range of accommodation options: hotels, cabins, apartments, guest houses and hostels.

The main attractions at Concón are the San Pedro and Higuerillas fishermen’s cove, the impressive Campo Dunar –declared Nature Sanctuary for having such important archeological heritage-, the coast border that joins the city with Reñaca, the vantage point known as Roca Oceánica, which is a large rocky headland getting into the Pacific, very attractive to the sight, and also the Aconcagua River marshlands, dwelled by birds and toured on horseback.

As far as beaches are concerned, Concón has many bathing resorts equipped with all the services for tourists. The most outstanding beaches include La Boca, ideal for surfing, bodyboarding and fishing; Amarilla, with excellent sand and quiet swell, ideal for bathing; Negra, a safe beach for children due to the soft undulation into the sea; and Bahamas, ideal for sunbathing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

These reasons and the large amount of tourist attractions located a few kilometers away from the city turn this community into a recreational site by the sea.

Come to Concón and spy through this window into the Pacific. [w]

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