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Pucón - Photos:  Jorge González

Fotos - Photos Pucón - Photos: Jorge González

../img/letras/i_o.gifne of the main tourist centers in the Chilean Araucanía Region, the City of Pucón lies at the foot of the Villarrica Volcano, in the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range. Its urban center is located on the southern shores of Lake Villarrica, one of the first links of a long chain of lakes in southern Chile.

Located 789 kilometers from the City of Santiago, it may be accesed along the Panamericana Route or through the Mamuil Malal Pass from Argentina. The leafy scenery and the attractive flowers that ornament the roads anticipate the beauty of Pucón.

The city lodges 8,000 inhabitants and its history is marked by its Mapuche ancestors and the German colonists who populated the region and built the first hotels around 1928.

This is an interesting city to visit any time of the year. The region has two national parks: the Huerquehue and the Villarrica. The latter is the home of the 2,847-meter-high volcano, one of the ten most active volcanos in the world, which has permanent fumaroles that may be observed from the urban shell. In the winter, ski and other winter sports are practiced on its slopes. In the summer, adventurers may climb to its very crater. The Trancura River and its rapids, the hot springs and the cultural richness of the area turn Pucón into one of the most visited cities in southern Chile. This variety of environments invites visitors to practice waters sports, mountaineering, horseriding, flora and fauna watching, fly-fishing and cultural tours, among other activities.

Its location generates a micro climate that promises warm waters in the lakes and lagoons, especially during the summer. The average maximum temperature in the area is 23º C and minimum is 4º.

Its hotel, gastronomic and recreational infrastructure guarantees a good stay. Likewise, the routes are in excellent condition and the Temuco airport, located 112 kilometers away, provide an easy access to the city. [w]

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