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Santiago de Chile - Photos: 1 and 2 Marcelo Sola. 3 Corporación de Promoción Turística de Chile

Fotos - Photos Santiago de Chile - Photos: 1 and 2 Marcelo Sola. 3 Corporación de Promoción Turística de Chile

../img/letras/i_c.gifapital of the Republic of Chile, Santiago is the cultural, administrative and financial center, and the most important metropolis in the country.

Also known by the name of Greater Santiago, it is located in the Maipo Valley, surrounded by the Coast Mountain Range to the West and by the Chacabuco and Angostura Ranges to the North and South, respectively. The Andes Mountain Range closes the frame of the city in the East.

The weather in Santiago de Chile is long season Mediterranean continental cold. Average annual temperature is 14°C. During the summer, the temperature raises to 20°C, whereas in the winter, it usually drops to 8°C. All these aspects have given shape to a modern lively city at all seasons.

This site is chosen to organize the great Latin American congresses. Santiago has an important transportation system that connects various points across the city. The metro is one of the most modern underground means of transportation in the world. Furthermore, a new program that renovated the complete fleet of urban buses -known as Transantiago Plan- has been put into practice. In addition to this, 210 kilometers of urban highways cross the city connecting the center with the commercial areas and the surrounding neighborhoods.

To the northwest of the city lies the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez international airport, which welcomes countless flights from inside the country and abroad. The most popular land accesses to the capital of Chile are: Route 5 Pan-American North and South, Route 68 (access from the coast) and Autopista del Sol. From Argentina, Santiago is reached along International Route 57, after crossing Los Libertadores Mountain Pass. Many buses reach the Metropolitan station whereas the trains pull in at the central station.

The city of Santaigo de Chile has an intense cultural life. There are about 40 art galleries and 30 museums of several styles to be visited. As regards tourism, the city center is the gathering point for visitors. The Palacio de la Moneda (Mint Palace), the Plaza de Armas (main square), the cathedral, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum and Casa Colorada are the most popular sites. The Bella Vista Bohemian Neighborhood stands out for its distinguished restaurants, art galleries, pubs and residences dwelled by well-known writers. Other neighborhoods which show off their modern buildings and quiet atmosphere are Las Condes and Providencia. Visiting Mount San Cristóbal implies catching a beautiful panoramic sight of the city and touring around the Zoo.

Lovers of good Chilean wine may visit the most important wineries in the country, located in the valleys surrounding Santiago, a few kilometers away from the city. Its proximity to the Andes lets visitors enjoy winter sports. Valle Nevado, La Parva, Farallones, El Colorado and Lagunillas ski resorts stand very close to the city and have very good accesses to feel powder snow.

Visit Santiago. You will be amazed. [w]

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