Araucanía y Lagos

A wild plentiful kind of beauty unfolds across this corridor which includes the regions of La Araucanía, the Lakes and Chiloé Island.

The weather is humid and rainy, with temperatures decreasing towards the South. It generates an environment with rich ecological diversity. This area of the Andes Mountain Range features several volcanoes which rise above sceneries of singular beauty, where the crystal-clear waters of the rivers and lakes, along with the Valdivian rainforest and the native forests of monkey-puzzles and other ancient trees are predominant.

With these natural features, the corridor offers several attractions to discover. Protected areas include the Conguillío, the Tolhuaca and the Huerquehue National Parks, with lagoons and hot spring spots, as well as rich wildlife. Lakes such as the Villarrica, the Caburgua and the Llanquihue offer spacious bathing resorts and are ideal for the practice of aquatic sports and fishing.

On the other hand, the Pucón and Antillanca ski resorts are good options to enjoy winter activities, as they feature high quality infrastructure and service.

But not only does this region stand out for its nature, but also for its cultural and historical heritage. The area included by the Araucanía and Lakes corridor preserves the primitive Chilean race: the Mapuches, whose community and culture may be appreciated in various destinations.

Likewise, Chiloé Island, represented by Ancud, Castro and Quellón, treasures a historical and religious legacy which has been recognized as World Heritage and attracts thousands of travelers.
As a complement to these beauties, the modern City of Temuco, which stands out for its economical activity, and other cities such as Valdivia, Pucón, Villarrica, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt have an excellent gastronomical, hotel and services proposal to welcome visitors.

Recommended activities

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Huife Hotel and Hot Springs

Pucón - IX Región de la Araucanía

Huife Hotel and Hot Springs

The hot spring resort is immersed within a natural reserve and offers all the charm of its vegetation and the quietness of its outdoor and indoor pools for a perfect relaxation...

Sailing on Captain Haase

Puerto Varas - X Región de los Lagos

Sailing on Captain Haase

Just like the old wooden ships of long gone days, Captain Haase sails the vast waters of Lake Llanquihe and offers an unforgettable panoramic view from above or below deck.

Natural Well-Being

Futrono - XIV Región de los Ríos

Natural Well-Being

Health tourism also has its place in the surroundings of Futrono. We visited the Llifén and Chihuio hot springs. Find out their characteristics, properties and benefits.

Map of Araucanía y Lagos