Ancud - Photos: Eduardo EpifanioAncud - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

The Pacific bathes Chiloé Island, where Ancud is influenced by its channels and islets, dwelled by sea birds and wildlife.

Ever since the time of the first settlements, Ancud has taken advantage of its privileged location. It used to be a Spanish fort and port. The consolidation of trade with the rest of Chile turned it into the best-known naval link between the island and the continent. The timber business had its boom in the late nineteenth century, which lured European colonists.

Those who wish to learn about the history of the city will quench their thirst during a visit to Ancud's Regional Museum, which displays a heritage that speaks about the identity of the Chiloé Archipelago.

Other attractions include Lacuy Peninsula, with Corona Lighthouse, picturesque Doña Sebastiana Islet and the low shore of Carelmapu. In the background, the Calbuco and Osorno Volcanoes provide majesty to this scene.

Ancud, along with Chiloé Island, is a sea paradise.

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