Osorno / Puyehue

Osorno / Puyehue - Photos: 1 y 3 Mario Ptasik 2 Jorge González - Interpatagonia S.A.Osorno / Puyehue - Photos: 1 y 3 Mario Ptasik 2 Jorge González - Interpatagonia S.A.

The City of Osorno is full of unique places, times and stories travelers may unveil just by walking its streets, visiting its markets or enjoying its stores.

Lying 913 kilometers away from Santiago de Chile and 260 from San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina), Osorno offers a wide range of urban and recreational activities, in addition to the beauty of the Rahue River. The towns of La Unión and Río Bueno to the north and Río Negro and Purranque to the south lie within the boundaries of the city.

The influence of the German colonization was quite remarkable while the city was being raised. José Guadalupe Posada House of Culture is a must visit when it comes to understanding what life was like back in those days. Just crossing its doors and touring around its rooms is a journey to the past.

As far as nature is concerned, the beauty of Chilean Patagonia becomes evident in Osorno. Antillanca winter resort lies 98 kilometers away from the city, within the territory of Puyehue National Park. Just 70 kilometers away from the downtown, visitors will find the famed Puyehue hot springs, considered as the most extraordinary in the entire Chilean Lake District.

All these features turn Osorno-Puyehue into a perfect place to enjoy with the family year round.

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