Villarrica – Photos: Jorge GonzálezVillarrica – Photos: Jorge González

Lying by the City of Pucón, Villarrica is one of the main tourist destinations in the Araucanía region and the Chilean Lake District and it is chosen by the inhabitants of Chile year round.

Located at a height of 227 meters MSL, this tourist village is framed by the beauty of Lake Villarrica and offers all the necessary services to make visitors feel they are in a real paradise.

A spectacular waterfront avenue is an invitation to go for memorable walks while watching the lake in its entire splendor and the grandiloquence of the Villarrica Volcano.

When the winter comes, the snow becomes the main attraction for skiers, whatever modality they may choose. In the summer, the colors change radically and dozens of sports and recreational activities start to be visible in the city and its surroundings.

Angling is one of the most popular and there is no doubt that there are true fans in this region. The rivers and the lake itself are ideal environments to tempt large specimens of salmon, a plentiful species in all the water bodies in this wonderful territory.

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