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Searching for the Big Fish

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When it comes to fly-fishing, theory is just that. Practice involves casting once and again until the perfect movement that will lead us to our prey is managed.

Fishing in the Lake District - Puerto Varas

Fly-fishing is not a science but it needs time, a good teacher, patience and constant visits to rivers and lakes to thoroughly understand how to catch the so-coveted trout. For such purpose, anglers must learn how to manipulate the appropriate rod, thread and hook. They must also have their own experiences. Wading in rivers, imagining where the fish hide, understanding what they eat and at what time, as well as having the gear ready to cast the fly in the most accurate way possible are essential tips to succeed.

The Chilean Lake District features real havens where anglers may catch the dreamed-of prey. Lakes Llanquihue, Todos los Santos and Rupanco, as well as the rivers and creeks that start or end at them, make up a delicious basin to fly-fish. Pérez Rosales, Puyehue, Alerce Andino, Hornopirén and Pumalín National Parks and their thick vegetation are the best surroundings where anglers may relish this outdoor sport.

Each outing is customized according to the environment involved. At this Patagonian location, fishing is done within a scene of volcanoes. They may be either active or dormant, but they are all majestic. Thus, the Osorno, the Puntiagudo, the Casablanca, the Tronar or the Calbuco rule over each of our steps.

Fishing in the Lake District - Puerto Varas

In fact, the true protagonists are always the trout and the salmon. They are found in each watercourse in southern Chile. The most highly appreciated species are the rainbow and fario trout –known as brown trout in Argentina- and the coho and Atlantic salmons.

As far as aquaculture of salmons is concerned, the local companies have grown sustainably in the last few years. It is usual to see breeding cages in rivers, lakes and estuaries. On certain occasions, their metallic nets broke down and thousands of salmons were freed. Following their instinct, they return to the rivers and go upstream to fulfill their life cycle. They lay their eggs and behave just like the natives.

The area offers expert guides in charge of float trips, hiking tours along the river banks and even flights on board seaplanes that land on the chosen fishing environments. They know each resource as well as the behavior of each species thoroughly. They can identify changes day after day, year after year, which ensures fishing for all customers.

Fishing in the Lake District - Puerto Varas

Whenever Puelo, Hornopirén, Chaitén and Futaleufú are mentioned, it is known that they are the starting points for exploration tours towards very beautiful nooks. As well, the possibility of finding water courses that guarantee that anglers will catch the giant fish they have always dreamed of may become true in the wink of an eye.


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Useful Data

How to get there

Leaving from Puerto Varas.

Opening hours

During the fishing season.

Bear in mind

The fishing season includes spring and summer and it ends when the autumn begins. A national fishing permit must be obtained and the hired guide generally deals with such proceedings.


Adriazola Turismo Expediciones

Del salvador 129
Puerto Varas
X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 65-2233477
Cel: +56 996895788

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