Valdivia - Photos: Jorge González Valdivia - Photos: Jorge González

Founded in 1552, more precisely on February 9, the City of Valdivia is one of the most important in Chile and, as a result of its size and significance, it is a mandatory destination for travelers that take the Panamerican Road.

Lying 842 kilometers away from the City of Santiago, capital of the country, its geography provides perfect harmony for the dwellers’ daily life amidst the green of the sown fields, crossed by winding rivers and creeks that provide humidity to this singular region.

The traits of this city are established by the whims of the Calle Calle River, whose properties were taken advantage of by the German communities during the establishment and creation of this beautiful metropolis. This is perceived through a particular architecture and some local customs.

Offering multiple activities, among which industry and commerce stand out, as well as tourism, which has increased remarkably in the last few years, Valdivia features diverse natural and cultural attractions to lure visitors year round.

As a result of all these characteristics, a visit should be paid to Valdivia in order to get to know every corner of this settlement. It may turn out to be a wonderful experience.

Its streets and avenues, the favorite nooks chosen by its inhabitants and some typical tours, among which Borde Río Ecological Park stands out, and the scenes made up by its rivers are part of the reasons to visit at this coquettish city that has already become a classic of tourism in Chile.

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