Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt - Photos 1: Jorge González - 2y3: Eduardo EpifanioPuerto Montt - Photos 1: Jorge González - 2y3: Eduardo Epifanio

The City of Puerto Montt is the capital of the Tenth Chilean Region and one of the best known in the country due to the nature in its surroundings. Rainforests and lakes, estuaries and islands, and especially volcanoes rule over the area. Its estuary, called Reloncavi, surrounds the various attractions in this seaside destination, reached through the Carretera Panamericana Panamerican Road.

Various coves are the perfect scene for the salmon industry in the surroundings of Puerto Montt. This activity is developed hand in hand with various tourist undertakings.

Fanaticism for salmon is evident at the stalls and restaurants in the local port. Visitors just need to walk along the waterfront to come across several piers that will catch their eye: the Yacht Club, the local port, Angelmó Cove and Tenglo Island -famous for its curanto- off its shore.

The Seafood and Fish Market is one of the must visit in the city. Small stalls to enjoy a snack or a meal sell mussels, scallop shells, clams, locos and picororos, among other sea delicacies.

Alerce Andino National Park is accessed through the Carretera Austral (Southern Road). The last hectares of an ancient forest that used to cover the entire mountain range are preserved within this space which today has become a classic tour while staying in the City.

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