Futrono - Photos: Marcelo SolaFutrono - Photos: Marcelo Sola

The District of Futrono is located on the northern shore of Lake Ranco, in the Tenth Chilean Region –the Lake District-, 100 kilometers away from Valdivia and 900 kilometers from Santiago. It is accessed through Route 5 up to the Reumén Crossing, at the 849th kilometer marker on Autopista de los Ríos (The Rivers Highway). Only 42 kilometers stand between that spot and the district.

The name of the city stands for "place with clouds of smoke" and it comes from the Mapuche-Hulliche term “futronhue”. It was so called due to the big fires the first colonists lit in the mid nineteenth century in order to generate land for crops.

Futrono is a lake destination par excellence. It conjugates the charm and beauty of its natural resources with the warmth and hospitality of its people. For a long time, it was a second residence for holidaymakers coming from Santiago and Valdivia.

The lake, its delightful rivers of crystal-clear waters and the invigorating hot springs located on the Andean massif are ideal sites to get lost in thought and rest during the vacations, either at the countless hotel venues or at exceptional organized camping sites resting on the shores of lakes and rivers. All these features, in addition to the gastronomic proposals and the transportation services, make this a tourist destination with its own identity.

The climate in the district is temperate and rainy. In the summer, mild temperatures are an invitation to enjoy the beaches of fine sand. The workshops where craftsmen make furniture are a must visit. This activity has been recognized worldwide for the quality, design and diversity of woodworks.

Pablo Neruda chose Futrono to start his secret flee towards Argentina after being chased by the "Damned law" passed by the then president Gabriel González Videla.

The Districts of Llifén, Chollinco, Maihue and Chabranco may be visited in the nearby area. Visitors should not miss the chance to see Huapi Island, located in the middle of Lake Ranco, home to the Mapuche-Hulliche Community. On the other hand, lovers of angling will have the opportunity of casting all along the course of the Calcurrupe River and those keen on rural tourism and adventure travel may enjoy amusing horseback rides in the surroundings of the Lake Ranco basin or speedy descents from the canopies of native trees where zip-lining is practiced.

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