Panguipulli - Photos: Eduardo EpifanioPanguipulli - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

In the tongue of the first nations, Panguipulli stands for "land of the lions". This small district lies on the shores of Lake Panguipulli.

Rose bushes and rhododendrons rule the streets of the city and provide a harmonious decoration for this southern scenery created by lakes, mountains and woodlands sheltering ancient trees.

Panguipulli is reached through the Hua Hum International Pass from Argentina, taking route 203, which leads to splendid Lake Pirihueico.

Head of the Seven Lakes District, the City of Panguipulli used to be a base from where timber was distributed to the entire region.

Those who love hot spring tourism and the benefits of the water will be glad to find the small districts of Liquiñe and Coñaripe, also located within the Community of Panguipulli.

The Fuy River rapids will certainly delight visitors who enjoy adrenaline or those who wish to experience rafting for the first time. Its winding canyon unveils a dreamed-of landscape all throughout its course.

Angling is another favorite activity. It may be practiced both in the city and in its outskirts. When the season starts, fly-casters gather at the lakes, rivers and creeks lured by the promise of catching large trout.

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