Puerto Octay

Puerto Octay - Photos: Jorge González Puerto Octay - Photos: Jorge González

Two of the most picturesque volcanoes in Chile -the Osorno and the Puntiagudo- are in charge of watching over the beautiful City of Puerto Octay, which rests on Lake Llanquihue’s bay and península Centinela (Sentry Peninsula).

Walking and discovering the city through its typical stores unveils vestiges of the German colonization that settled down in the city as well as on all the shores of delightful Lake Llanquihue.

Puerto Octay was one of the most important ports in the entire Chilean Lake District and one of the major liaisons between Puerto Montt and the rest of the cities in Chile.

In the last few years, it has become the destination of a great number of visitors coming not only from Chile but also from neighboring countries in search of relax and amazing scenes to practice various activities.

The beaches on the lake are the protagonists of this city. La Baja, Maitén and península Centinela stand out. The latter is one of the most popular to practice recreational activities in the summer.

Puerto Octay is one of the Chilean cities in the Lake District that keeps summoning more and more followers every day.

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