Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar - Photos: Marcelo SolaViña del Mar - Photos: Marcelo Sola
Known as the "Garden City", Viña del Mar is considered the tourist capital of Chile, due to its strategic geographical location, very close to the capital of the country. Seat of the International Song Festival, Viña del Mar lies 120 kilometers from Santiago along Route 68 and 9 kilometers away from Valparaíso along the coastline road. From Argentina, this magnificent seaside destination is reached through Los Libertadores International Pass. Leaving from Mendoza, visitors must travel 394 kilometers up to its soft characteristic beaches.

Viña del Mar features soft summers and temperate winters. The rain season corresponds directly with the winter but, in general, it maintains a pleasant spring-like kind of weather during the entire year.

Its economy is practically based on tourism. The city has an important hotel infrastructure that has been strengthened in the last few years. As a result of its history and elegance, the Viña del Mar Casino, where lovers of games of chance gather to enjoy the comfortable facilities, is one of the most outstanding sites. Next to the casino, an international hotel awaits the most demanding guests.

Its main tourist attractions include 13 delicious beaches bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of tourists are summoned there to enjoy the sunshine and the sand. In such sense, the Reñaca is the main bathing resort in the city and it has an important infrastructure to welcome the tourist.

It features tours of great architectural value ranging from tours around museums, palaces and castles to art galleries, theaters and parks, such as the Vergara estate. We recommend a visit to the famous Flower Clock, Vergara Pier and to enjoy an amusing ride around the city on a horse-driven carriage.

The streets in the center of town are evidence of the golden days of Viña del Mar, early last century. On the other hand, large and modern buildings are located on the waterfront and provide impressive panoramic views for their dwellers. Furthermore, the city has a varied first-class gastronomic offer. There are numerous restaurants specialized in international and criollo food, especially seafood, pasta and meat, where customers may also enjoy the excellent wine production of the well-known high-quality vineyard areas both inside the country and abroad.

This is an invitation to experience Chile by feeling the aromas only Viña del Mar may provide.
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