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The Municipal Casino, unquestionable mark of distinction and elegance, opens its doors for us to spend happy moments and unforgettable evenings by the sea.

Municipal Casino and Hotel del Mar - Viña del Mar

During the day, its sandy beaches summon visitors who enjoy the sea, sunbathing, fishing, or just resting as they listen to the lullaby of the swells breaking against the shore. But at night, there is one spot in Viña del Mar which becomes the absolute protagonist when it comes to having a nice time.

Undoubtedly, the Municipal Casino is a must while visiting the city. Its long tradition, together with Viña’s social life, has turned it into a metropolitan icon. Inside its venue, gaming is present every night and families can enjoy its cozy facilities.

The building is located in the very heart of Colombia Square, next to the mouth of the Marga Marga Estuary. It was officially opened in December 31st, 1930, and ever since, it has kept visitors who love casino games on tenterhooks.

Municipal Casino and Hotel del Mar - Viña del Mar

From the beginning, it promised to be a real transformation in the city. The building and management of the casino cleared many doubts about a venue of this kind being but a simple gambling room. It soon became obvious that this new project included entertainment for children, mini golf, reading rooms, table tennis, Bridge for ladies, a small theater, a coffee shop, and large elegant rooms to have dinner o dance.

Its architecture is a mixture of styles in which the Greek (sober lines), the Roman (delicate drawing) and the Asyrian (strong and sturdy shapes) prevail. Together, they produce a solid and elegant effect.

Its wonderful gardens and huge pergolas arranged in semicircular forms at the ends of the park are the anteroom of the beautiful summer dining-rooms, under the leafy arbors in the balcony.

Municipal Casino and Hotel del Mar - Viña del Mar

Inside, the casino offers a wide variety of games, like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, slot machines, bingo, American roulette, chemin de fer, stud poker, boule, big six, chuck-a-luck, crown and anchor, and joker seven.
Nowadays, it has three levels. In the upper floors, there are meeting rooms, theater rooms, exhibition rooms and a dancing floor.

On the other wing, there is the well-known Hotel del Mar. This eight-story semicircular modern building offers first-class services to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Municipal Casino and Hotel del Mar - Viña del Mar

These characteristics make the Viña del Mar Municipal Casino the most important casino all over Chile.
During your stay in Viña del Mar, dare to visit the Municipal Casino. Good luck is surely waiting.


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