Considered "the Jewel of Pacific", Valparaíso is a city nestled in a natural amphitheater, surrounded by 45 mounts that fall abruptly into the sea.

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, Valparaíso tells the basis of its development through its historical architecture, its traditions and its art. This city has inspired well-known writers, architects, musicians and draftsmen due to the charms of its colorful scenery. In this sense, the most prolific writer was Pablo Neruda, who resided in the city, built his house and wrote several of his outstanding works here.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that Valparaíso is the seat of the National Congress and concentrates the cultural, naval and fishing institutions of the country.

It lies 120 kilometers from Santiago and only 8 from the glamorous city of Viña del Mar, through the coast road. It is separated from Mendoza –Argentina– by 406 kilometers across the border through the Libertadores complex along Route 60. From the capital of the nation, this terroir is reached by land along Route 68, which becomes the main entrance to the city.

The average temperature in this region of the country is 14° C. Rainfalls increase in the winter.
The fifteen funiculars working in the very core of Valparaíso are an important part of the identity of the porteño and they make up a transportation system essential for the vertical development of the city.

Valparaíso amazes visitors, not only with its exciting atmosphere, but also for having a wide variety of proposals in the culinary art. Elegant restaurants full of history wait for customers.

The bohemia offers an active night life in the streets. When touring around Valparaíso, visitors may appreciate La Sebastiana, a museum which used to be the dwelling of poet Pablo Neruda; Prat Pier, sea entrance and exit; and Barrio del Puerto (the port neighborhood), with its handicrafts, fishing activities, sea faces from all around the world and churches surrounded by alleys of high architectural value. The city may also be discovered by boat or by going on several funicular tours in order to observe the city’s entire splendor.

This is an invitation to see Valparaíso so that, just like Neruda, you fall in love with this "crazy port", this great city. Some people assert that if you walk down its countless stairs, "you will have toured around the world".
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