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We discovered Valparaíso from its singular funiculars. An interesting and original way of seeing the city and its surroundings.

Valparaíso Funiculars

One of the best ways of seeing Valparaíso is through its funiculars. These constructions scattered around the entire natural amphitheater surrounding the city enable people to admire the huge bay and the strong contrast of the houses painted in shocking colors from the heights. From up there, eyes usually stop on the horizon that dies into the Pacific Ocean.

There are twenty-two funiculars in Valparaíso. Here we present the main features of the most emblematic ones, whether for their history, their names or maybe because they are usually mentioned in poems or songs that refer to this particular city. We recommend that you tour around Valparaíso with all your senses by using the funiculars. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Valparaíso Funiculars

Polanco Funicular

Built in 1915, it is the most picturesque in the city. It accesses Mount Polanco, after which it is named. It has distinctive features as it is not attached to the hillside. On the contrary, there is a slightly steep tunnel before it that reminds visitors of the mine galleries.

Barón Funicular

Built in 1906, it was the first funicular to work with an electrical engine which replaced the old water scales system. It has significant tourist value for it connects the city with the eastern area of the natural amphitheater in Valparaíso.

El Peral Funicular

It is one of the most ancient in the city. It was built in 1902 and, along with the Queen Victoria and Concepción Funiculars, it represents a must visit for all those who wish to see the area declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO. From its upper station, the Yugoslavian Parade is accessed, which offers impressive panoramic views of the clustered housing area of Valparaíso.

Valparaíso Funiculars

Concepción Funicular

It was created as a result of the initiative taken by some European immigrants who settled down in the area of Mounts Alegre and Concepción. It was the first one to be built, back in 1883. It is a sample of the industrial heritage of the city, which knew well how to become adapted to the shape of the land.

Queen Victoria Funicular

It was built in the early XXth century. Its name is reminiscent of the British monarch who ruled in the XIXth century and died in 1901. It has a sitting-room, a fully-equipped bathroom and an intercom connecting both stations. Its surroundings concentrate the typical architecture built by English and German immigrants.

Artillería Funicular

It was built in 1893 to transport the staff of the old naval school. Its upper station lies in the 21 de Mayo Promenade, one of the most emblematic spots in town. In the old days, it used to be the largest funicular, capable of transporting over 30 passengers.

Valparaíso Funiculars

Cordillera Funicular

It was inaugurated in 1887 with a steam engine. It was the second one to be built in Valparaíso. The present funicular is a reconstruction, as the original was affected by a fire. Its upper station is connected with Eleuterio Ramírez Square, which lies very close to the Lord Cochrane Museum.

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We recommend that you use the Valparaíso funiculars to tour around the historical center of the city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

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