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Mountain biking

Enter the two-wheel world and learn the secrets of mountain biking to go around the mountain in the safest way.
This sport is one of the quickest to have evolved with the passing of time, becoming a much more risky and amusing modality to enjoy the most inaccessible and complicated paths in the mountain.
In order to experiment this specialty, we recommend that you take all the necessary safety measures, especially by wearing a helmet in each ride. This way, you will be contributing to preventing this exciting sport from turning into a risk.
Another useful piece of advice is that you should always plan your tour, carefully revising each part of your bicycle, especially the chain, the gear and the pressure of the tires. Lastly, make yourself quite visible when you ride along the road.

Biking Trails in <i>Paine</i>
Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine
Biking Trails in Paine
The landscape surrounding Torres del Paine National Park is the perfect setting for biking in the great outdoors.
Biking in and around Pucón
Biking in and around Pucón
Biking is a relaxed and healthy way of getting to know every nook and cranny of this attractive city.
By Bike
San Pedro de Atacama
By Bike
In San Pedro de Atacama, a bicycle is still the best vehicle to jump into adventure. It is a completely different thing on two wheels.
Trekking and Biking to Salto del Claro
Trekking and Biking to Salto del Claro
This outing is a combination of physical exercise, mountain roads and the pleasure of reaching a spectacular fall in the forest.

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In Welcome Chile you may find the magic of photography in this section called “Digital Postcards”. Here is a chance for visitors to be delighted by an outstanding number of specially selected images that show the best sites in this beautiful country organized by regions.

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