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Rafting is a team sport, in which all the crew in the boat row and position themselves in a coordinated manner to balance their weight when going through the river rapids and stay afloat.
The standard number of people allowed on the boat is from six to eight crew members, depending on its size.
The guide, who must know every part of the river in detail, is the one who directs the boat movements.
Rafting beginners are recommended to remain in the center of the boat, where there is less movement. Those who are somehow experienced and prefer to row may stay in front, whereas the most experienced generally stay at the back.
The degree of difficulty in rafting is classified according to the rivers, which varies from 1 to 6 degrees, being 1 the easiest and 6 only for experts, as they are extremely dangerous and on the limits of navigability criteria.
The companies offering this kind of excursions provide each passenger with all the accessories to enjoy the adventure to the utmost. Rows, helmets, life jackets, a dry jacket and even a neoprene wet suit to insulate the cold temperature, are part of the kit.
In order to go rafting without any worries, it is fundamental and essential that all the members of the crew can swim.

Raft tour down the Palena River
Alto Palena
Raft tour down the Palena River
Navigation on a raft: a low risk activity to enjoy with the family in the marvelous natural environment created by a mountain river.
The Fuy River, Ideal for Rafting
The Fuy River, Ideal for Rafting
The adrenaline and magic of this eye-catching river turn it into one of the best waterways in Chile to practice white water rafting. Tourists just need to let themselves be carried...
Trancura River Rafting
Trancura River Rafting
Enjoy summer to the full by going rafting on the best rapids on the Trancura River.
White Water Rafting on the Trancura River
White Water Rafting on the Trancura River
The river offers great amusement, as the flumes featuring varied characteristics ensure movement and good vibes as the rafts go with the flow.

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