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Canopy is a new adventure sport whose main objective is to offer a unique activity and a different ecological experience which consists in not altering the habitat.
The feeling of going through the Valdivian forest or the Andean Patagonian forest from the tops of the trees, swinging or hanging in the middle of nowhere, is both funny and exciting.
The equipment consists of harnesses, links and pulleys, with ropes that provide the necessary safety during the complete tour. The wooden structures built on the tops of the trees are the milestones of this ride across the highest level of the forest. The platforms from which the visitors jump are joined by steel wires along which adventurers may travel important distances or cross rivers hanging from a maximum safety harness.
At the moment of performing this activity, we recommend that a guide accompanies visitors along the entire trip. They will provide all the necessary indications as regards safety and proper performance of canopy.

Feel the Adventure
Feel the Adventure
At Chollinco Estate, we slid along an intrepid zip line over the Calcurrupe River. An amusing way to make contact with nature.
Time of Adventure
Puerto Varas
Time of Adventure
For those extreme sportsmen in good shape, there is a paradise where they may achieve their aims under the guidance of qualified staff.
Tyrolean Crossing, Hiking and Fun at Las Trancas
Tyrolean Crossing, Hiking and Fun at Las Trancas
Specially designed to satisfy the expectations of visitors, Shangri-La Ecopark features everything necessary to spend a day full of adventure with the entire family.
Zip-Lining Park: Pure Adventure
Zip-Lining Park: Pure Adventure
Zip-lining through the Valdivian forest is one of the most exciting activities and does not even require previous experience.

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