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Around Lake Llanquihue

Mónica Pons Jorge González

During the tour, we saw the contour of the lake while its crystal-clear waters accompanied each of our movements, as if it were another passenger in the tour.

Trip around Lake Llanquihue from Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is an excellent starting point in a full-day land circuit around Lake Llanquihue, covering every nook. For such purpose, we left behind the eye-catching German architecture of the city in order to slowly enter wilder areas and get deep into the Valdivian rainforest.

We set out at the downtown following the road leading to Ensenada to the East. In a few minutes, we had got away from the populated area. We got past the beaches known as Hermosa, Niklitscher, Punta Cabras and Poza Loreley, each of them featuring a particular kind of charm. The latter boasts a lake called Verde -which stands for “green” in Spanish-, lush vegetation and an island accessed by kayak. Many young people were enjoying the sunshine at this location.

Trip around Lake Llanquihue from Puerto Varas

We moved on always heading for Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, a green natural haven. We watched the escorial -a 200-year-old lava tongue that reaches the shore- with amazement. The Osorno Volcano presided over the scene. The environment was humid due to the different tree species and, as we stopped for a while, we noticed that the volcano was the absolute protagonist. Specialized guides lead visitors on ascents up its hillsides, cracks and areas with highly dangerous low clouds. La Burbuja Ski Resort is popular among visitors who have not practiced this sport before.

We continued our way towards Las Cascadas, a site with scarce steady denizens that is highly coveted by people who search for quiet beaches in the summer. Campsites and cabins are amidst the accommodation options and buses provide services towards Osorno. The silhouette of the volcano grows bigger and is appreciated as a whole. It is necessary to ask for information about what trails to take so as to reach the cascades. El Maitén Beach features a very ancient chapel formerly used by German colonists. It is impossible to imagine what it meant to open up new paths at this location in order to build new houses.

Trip around Lake Llanquihue from Puerto Varas

The circuit turned southwards. We visited Maqui Beach, where we went for a walk along a point over a cliff featuring incredible panoramic sights. We could see three volcanoes, Centinela Peninsula and the lakefront of the City of Frutillar. We were very close to completing the roundtrip around the Llanquihue and the presence of Puerto Octay connected us again with the picturesque most densely populated towns on the shore. We went on a city tour and enjoyed its hills, its historic houses and a beautiful view from Centinela Bay.

As we got to Frutillar, we stopped for a couple of hours, as we had a lot to see. We got barefoot on its sandy beaches by the lake and watched the gardens full of flowers and the wooden constructions raised in a purely German style. It is a joyful city, with boost and a high cultural spirit. The Musical Weeks, for instance, are held in February. This event summons large audiences who come along from distant places to enjoy the shows. Likewise, local cuisine is well-known for its desserts, its kuchen and its restaurants with excellent regional and German specialties.

Trip around Lake Llanquihue from Puerto Varas

Llanquihue was the next stop on the coast road. It offers fantastic views of the Osorno Volcano as well as good accommodation options, hunting and fishing clubs. Once there, we took the Panamerican Road to return to Puerto Varas after a long pleasant all-day tour.

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How to get there

The ride around Lake Llanquihue may start at either of the cities mentioned in the circuit and in both directions. The total distance to be covered is 190 kilometers on a paved road.

Bear in mind

The circuit may be enjoyed on a private vehicle or the tour may be hired at various local travel agencies. This way, more may be learned about the history of each site and the wonderful ecosystem in which this circuit is immersed.

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