Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales - Photos: 1 Marcelo Sola / 2 and 3 Jorge GonzálezPuerto Natales - Photos: 1 Marcelo Sola / 2 and 3 Jorge González

The City of Puerto Natales is the capital of the Province of Ultima Esperanza, situated by Señoret Channel, 247 km. northwest of the city of Punta Arenas and facing the Patagonian Andes. From the gentle slope where it is located, one can see the Riesco Mountain Range, the Paine Massif, and the Southern Ice Field glaciers.

Puerto Natales is the gateway to regional beautiful natural landscapes like that of Torres del Paine National Park, which features the world famous mountain formations called "Torres del Paine" (Towers of Paine) and "Cuernos del Paine" (Horns of Paine).

Also from Puerto Natales, one can visit other main tourist attractions such as the Señoret and De las Montañas Channels, Lakes Balmaceda and Toro, Mounts Dorotea, Pratt, and Balmaceda, Sofía, Diana, and Dorotea Lagoons, Almirant Montt Gulf, De los Cisnes and Guanaco Islands, Port Bories and Port Consuelo, Del Kirke Pass, Antonio Varas Peninsula, the Serrano and Tres Pasos Rivers, Bernardo O´Higgins and Los Glaciares National Parks, Balmaceda, Serrano, and Pío XI Glaciers, and the Milodon Cave Natural Monument.

Puerto Natales has a population of 15,500 inhabitants, and is connected to Argentina by Río Turbio, a coalbearing city where an important part of the population of Puerto Natales works. The splendid territory around the city is dominated by estancias, and the immediate chain by lots and small organic vegetable orchards.

As regards tourist infraestructure, there are cafés, restaurants, a casino, small picturesque shops, a Town Museum, and travel agencies offering unique tours. As regards hotels, there are big ones as well as small guest houses with customized service.
A well equipped airport links Puerto Natales to any part of the world. Maritime access from the City of Puerto Montt takes place once a week via ferry boat.

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