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Nature and Relax at Termas de Puyehue Hotel and Spa

Marcelo Sola Jorge González

Amidst the spectacular geography presented by the Xth Region, we visited one of the best hotel – hot spring facilities in Southern Chile.

Termas de Puyehue Hotel & Spa

The evergreen humid forest, the coihue de Magallanes, the high lengas and the Casablanca, Osorno, Puntiagudo and Puyehue Volcanoes are the absolute protagonists of amazement.

We were traveling along International Route 215 towards the Andes Mountain Range. We were leaving behind the historical and enigmatic City of Osorno. Suddenly, the prairies were the proof for the tourist-agricultural vocation of the region, soft meadows mingled with thick forest formations to both sides of the road.

Termas de Puyehue Hotel & Spa

The pavement continued bordering a lake of crystal-clear waters. The road was leading us to the Puyehue National Park and to one of the most important hot spring resorts in the region. It is a must to visit this place.
The park sheltered us and we soon began to perceive the sounds of nature around us. The local birds would sing to us. We took a deep breath and filled our lungs with fresh air. We gradually began to relax, as if we knew what was about to happen.

Termas de Puyehue Hotel & Spa

A spectacular hotel and hot spring infrastructure appeared to the right of the road, in the middle of the forest and facing the huge scenery of the water mirror. It was the Hotel y Spa Termas de Puyehue, a classic in the region which has given a tourist outline to the therapeutic qualities of the pure and natural water that springs from the very core of the earth amidst ancient arrayanes, lingues, coihues and mañiús.

The huge building dates back from 1942. Its walls of stone with white joints, large wooden angles and black roofs turn it into a real postcard of the area. Its more than 30,000 square meters of surface lodge 132 rooms furnished with everything necessary to have a good rest. It has two interesting options for hard-hearted sybarites: Los Troncos and Lago Puyehue restaurants. Both of them offer the most selected Chilean and international gastronomy which includes highly requested natural and vegetarian dishes. Furthermore, there is a playroom, daycare facilities and a wide range of activities including fishing outings, horseback rides, wildlife mapping, excursions and oxygenating walks.

Termas de Puyehue Hotel & Spa

Without hesitation, we got ready to enjoy the benefits of hot spring waters at the famous resort. Two large pools -one outdoors and one indoors – provided us with all the properties of pure hot spring water. Healthy and revitalizing, they are highly recommended for blood circulation, rheumatic and stress disorders. These waters are classified as hipothermal and hyperthermal. They contain chloride, sulphate and sodium and reach an average temperature of 37º C. Dry sauna, thermal vapor inhalation cabin, cold water pool, bubble bath and hydromassage complement the therapy session.

Termas de Puyehue Hotel & Spa

The water quickly did its job and a feeling of total relax took hold of our bodies. Very soon, strain was left aside and, immersed in a wonderful natural scenery, we enjoyed the sunshine, the mountains and the thick vegetation around, which at this height seems to have a different brightness, a different color.

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How to get there

the Puyehue hot springs resort lies in the core of the Andes Mountain Range, in the Xth Region of the Lakes. Only a two hours' flight separates it from Santiago de Chile and a 50 minutes' drive from Osorno. From Argentina, visitors must cross the Cardenal Samoré International Pass and travel about 25 kms along International Route 215. Pay attention to signs indicating the entrance to the Puyehue National Park and the hot spring resort.

Opening hours

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Bear in mind

when bathing in the hot spring waters, a combination with cold water applications is recommended to regulate body temperature and avoid any disorders. It is advisable to get out of the water every 15 minutes to compensate body temperature. In addition to the traditional baths, the hot spring spa offers baths of mud, algae, sulfur, medicine herbs and sea salt, as well as relaxation and slimming massage, complemented with health and beauty treatments. We recommend visitors to find out about the various kinds of therapy.

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