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Skydiving in Pucón

Mónica Pons M. Sola (1) y Sky Dive Pucón (2)

Once in the air, the incredible landscape of Pucón will make the heart race during this unforgettable experience.

Tandem Jumping, Pucón

Skydiving is one of the many activities man has devised to rise to the heavens. In Pucón, a group of qualified specialists offers an unforgettable experience: a tandem jump.

We went to Pucón airfield where we met Peter Vermehren, a highly skilled skydiver who has tandem jumped countless times. Together with other professionals, he provides everything necessary for a perfect event.

Tandem Jumping, Pucón

Once we had been introduced to all the members of the skydiving club team, we headed to the area where the gear is kept. We were given a thorough talk to become acquainted with safety measures and movements. We learned that all the parachutes are carefully checked before every jump, the suspension lines are changed regularly, and maintenance is carried out abroad. Each rig is equipped with a reserve parachute, which was very reassuring.

Before boarding the plane, we practiced the moves on the ground. When the pilot was cleared for take-off by control tower, we could feel the excitement growing as the decisive moment drew nearer.

Tandem Jumping, Pucón

As the plane quickly gained height, we began to enjoy the view unfolding below. Lake Villarrica and the volcano bearing the same name, the Trancura River, Lakes Titilco and Caburgua, the Mocho, Llaima, Osorno and Lanin Volcanoes appeared before our eyes as never before. When we reached the right altitude, our instructor fastened his harness to mine and we got ready to leave the plane.

3, 2, 1…

At that moment it was essential to remember what we had been taught on the ground: sit on the edge of the door, cross your arms on your chest and wait for the voice to tell you it was time. The fall lasted only 30 seconds, but it seemed much longer. With outstretched arms, the speed our bodies, joined by the harness, gathered made us shout out loud. The wind beat our faces and, the word vertigo took on a whole new meaning.

The parachute opened and we swung from side to side for a few seconds until it steadied. Calm once again, a feeling of fulfillment overtook me and I tried not to miss anything going on around. In slow motion, our instructor deftly maneuvered the parachute towards the drop zone.

Tandem Jumping, Pucón

We landed smoothly on the airstrip. Comparing the feeling of free-falling with other sports was impossible. It was a unique experience we will try to pass on with the same enthusiasm we felt.


Club de Paracaidismo

Aeródromo Municipal de Pucón, (4920000) , Pucón, IX Región de la Araucanía
Cel: +56 9985326660
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1 hour (includes a safety lecture, take-off and the jump itself)



Useful Data

Opening hours

to be agreed with the operators

Bear in mind

You must be physically fit and not have any spine or heart problems. Minors must be accompanied by their parents and have a written permit.


Club de Paracaidismo

Aeródromo Municipal de Pucón
IX Región de la Araucanía
Cel: +56 9985326660

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