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Towards The Summit of Quetrupillán Volcano

Mónica Pons Gentileza de Sol y Nieve

Once on the top, our eyes got lost in the landscape in all directions and the Andes as well as the volcanic peaks became the most imposing view.

Towards The Summit of Quetrupillán Volcano - Pucón

Among the volcanoes located in the Andean Massif that may be climbed in the surroundings of Pucón, Quetrupillán is one of the most popular among mountain lovers. Guided tours are available both at Pucón and Villarrica. Each of them is a unique venture.

We hired the tour at an agency specialized in adventure travel in the City of Pucón. We programmed the outing and got to the office very early on the day we had arranged. We felt comfortable with our fellow climbers at once.

We took the shuttle and traveled for an hour until we reached the point where we would start walking. The guides gave us some instructions and we got the gear ready without haste. Then we set out.

Towards The Summit of Quetrupillán Volcano - Pucón

The first stage included a plain terrain. Afterwards, we gradually entered a tree grove. As the native forest became thicker, we started spotting some plants, different shades of green, logs and even birds. The lichens on the tree branches gave proof of the fresh air around us.

The group gathered to make a stop, have some rest, arrange the equipment and face the last part of the climb: an area of volcanic sediment. We rested assured on the expertise of our guides and on their words, which encouraged us to reach the top. Thus, we ventured into our goal feeling enthusiastic and energetic.

Quetrupillán is 2,360 meters tall and its top shelters a blunted glacier. It is inactive and its name stands for what the Mapuches felt for this giant. It was a “Roaring Devil” or a “Slow-witted Devil”. Those were its names even when it was active.

Towards The Summit of Quetrupillán Volcano - Pucón

The slope was steep but the incredible views compensated for the effort. As we finally reached the edge of the glacier, we could appreciate part of the so-called Andean Fire Belt. This area is made up by Lanín (the tallest volcano), Villarrica and Quetrupillán Volcanoes.

The binoculars were extremely useful for us to identify details on Llaima, Sollipulli and Mocho-Choshuenco Volcanoes. In the distance, we could see the Argentinian border covered by the thick and incredibly green Valdivian rainforest vegetation.

We wanted to stay there for as long as possible. However, we knew it was convenient for us to descend before it got dark. Those images were printed on our retinas and we treasured the satisfaction of having taken part in such a challenging experience for the body and the mind.

Towards The Summit of Quetrupillán Volcano - Pucón


Sol y Nieve

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The excursion includes transfer, guides, entrance to the national park Villarrica, leggings, helmet, gloves, backpack, walking sticks.
You should wear warm clothing, such as summer, trekking boots, sunglasses, sunscreen and food.


Sol y Nieve

Lincoyan 361-B
IX Región de la Araucanía
Tel: +56 45-2444761
Cel: +56 988286571

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