Los 聲geles

Los 聲geles - Photos: Jorge Gonz嫮ezLos 聲geles - Photos: Jorge Gonz嫮ez
The City of Los 聲geles is the provincial capital of the B甐-B甐 Region and is located in a beautiful central valley lying only 150 meters above sea level.

It is bordered by the Laja River (to the North) and the B甐-B甐 (to the South). Therefore, in the times of the colony, this place was known as Laja Island.

The weather is good and favorable for human settlement. Agriculture and forest exploitation are the two major industries, which provide the cellulose plants established there with raw material and inputs.

Located 514 kilometers to the South of Santiago and 560 kilometers to the North of Puerto Montt, this city has a population of approximately 145 thousand inhabitants and concentrates the largest offer of cultural, tourist and commercial services in the area. It has a wide range of accommodation options, restaurants and services which have placed it in an outstanding position.

Los 聲geles started on the shores of the B甐-B甐 River, where the Hispanic and Indian cultures mingled during three centuries. Their vestiges and heritage may be appreciated at the local museum, called de la Alta Frontera (The High Frontier).

Considered as an operations center, visitors staying at the city may go on tours and excursions around the various local tourist destinations. The Laja Falls, Nahuelbuta National Park (the closest monkey-puzzle reserve to the Pacific Ocean), the Andes Mountain Range, El Laja National Park and the beautiful surroundings of the Antuco Volcano stand out.

Los 聲geles is the right city to approach activities such as fishing, ski, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, adventure travel and photography, as well as to appreciate the historical and cultural manifestations presented to visitors as they tour around its streets.
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