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Wild Waters

Pablo Etchevers Jorge Gonz嫮ez

The famous Laja Falls lie 37 kilometers to the North of Los 聲geles. These four waterfalls of singular beauty attract thousands of tourists all year round.

The Laja Falls - Los 聲geles

It is said that when these lands belonged to the Araucanos, this was a site of worship where the elders would gather to meditate and chew pine nuts (the fruit of the monkey-puzzle tree) and where the youths would turn into men if they managed to cross to the other side of the largest fall on foot.

The white man saw this place when the Mapuche and Pehuenche tribes resolved to parley with the then governor of the province imposed by Spain, don Manuel de Amat y Juniet.

It was 1756 and, ever since, the place has been a center of disputes and conquests and, obviously, one of the natural boundaries of the territories known as Laja Island.

The Laja Falls - Los 聲geles

Getting There

To reach this place from Route 5, take the by-pass leading to a small concrete bridge that crosses the old plentiful Laja River.

Before the new Panamericana Road existed, this was the official route joining the Cities of Los 聲geles and Chill嫕. However, although this stretch may be avoided, most drivers who already know about it choose to see it again and those who have not seen it yet always wish to cross it for the first time.

The view from the bridge is wild from the very first moment. A huge live waterfall roars in the background, where our eyes get lost as the rain and the spray generated by the water are tinged by a huge rainbow that crosses above it from side to side.

The Laja Falls - Los 聲geles

Much More Than Four

This tourist attraction in the B甐-B甐 region is made up by 4 waterfalls that may be accessed on foot through a footbridge that lets the water splash us.

The main waterfall, which may be appreciated from the bridge on the road, is the highest fall. It appears in almost all postcards and photographs of this place. It is 35 meters high and has a unique panoramic sight that offers an almost complete view of the entire waterfall. The other falls, though smaller, preserve the fierceness of these waters intact and attract visitors to shoot some photographs.

The Laja Falls - Los 聲geles

Adventure Sports

Downstream, a group of motorboats invites visitors to come close to the falls, this time from the water. A special tour for the most adventurous which takes all safety measures so as to avoid any risks. This is only about freshening up for a few moments.

In addition to much fresh water, the Laja Falls feature excellent accommodation options which include inns and cabins that invite visitors to stay and see the surroundings of this picturesque spot. They can practice adventure sports such as river rafting, horseback riding, swimming, and hiking and, obviously, photograph these marvelous waterfalls.

The Laja Falls - Los 聲geles


Parque Salto del Laja

Panamericana Sur Km.480, (4440000) , Los 聲geles, VIII Regi鏮 del Biobio
Tel: +56 43-2323816
Cel: +56 998817333

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Useful Data

Bear in mind

Travel 32 kilometers along Route 5 from Los 聲geles to the North or 68 kilometers from Chill嫕 to the South. This site and its surroundings are ideal to camp or stay at a cabin, or else, at some inn. The gastronomic offer is also very varied, with typical regional and local dishes.


Parque Salto del Laja

Panamericana Sur Km.480
Los 聲geles
VIII Regi鏮 del Biobio
Tel: +56 43-2323816
Cel: +56 998817333

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