Isla de Pascua

Isla de Pascua - Photos: 1 Corp.Promoción Turística Chile / 2 and 3 Cámara Turismo Isla PascuaIsla de Pascua - Photos: 1 Corp.Promoción Turística Chile / 2 and 3 Cámara Turismo Isla Pascua
Rapa Nui or Te Pito Te Henua, as its settlers refer to it, is the most isolated island on the planet. Easter Island emerges from a great continental shelf resulting from intense volcanic activity and it is a magnificent entrance gate for the Eastern countries of the Pacific into the American continent.

What caused UNESCO to declare it World Heritage is the fact that one of the most extraordinary cultures in history developed on this island.

Its 180-square-kilometer surface has a triangular shape and makes up the eastern vertex of the Polynesian triangle. It was discovered about 1,500 years ago by a group coming from Polynesia that settled down there to give origin to a civilization only comparable to the Egyptians, the Mayas and the Aztecs. The great sculptures carved on rock or "moai" express their religious and political cosmovision and represent the vestiges of such outstanding culture. Its common name responds to the date on which this spot was discovered by the western civilizations, more precisely by Dutch sailors, on Easter Sunday, 1722.

At present, in addition to being an archeological landmark, the ecological features of the island permit geological and astronomical research to be carried out, thus giving this place the position of one of the most interesting scientific epicenters in South America.

Chile has exercised sovereignty over the island since 1888. With this legacy, the mysterious beauty of Easter Island summons thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Mataveri airport welcomes regular flights from LanChile and is the main access to the island.
The weather is subtropical oceanic with an average annual temperature of 20.3 ºC and scarce rainfall, being May the wet season.

Tourism is one of the main economic activities, followed by fishing, agriculture and cattle-raising. Diving, hiking and climbing, water sports and horseback riding find paradisiacal sceneries on this faraway island.

Sheltered as a historical monument and national park, Easter Island fascinates visitors with its beauty and hospitality.
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