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Zip-Lining Park: Pure Adventure

Mónica Pons Marcelo Sola

Zip-lining will take you from tree to tree in absolute safety while you enjoy the thrill of speed and the surrounding landscape.

Adventure travel canopy in Pucón

Really close to downtown Pucón, zip-lining parks have become increasingly popular by offering a first-hand experience of native woods from a different perspective: tree tops.

We are all familiar with walks through the forest. However, listening to its sounds from above, amidst the branches, is another matter. This activity entails zip-lining along a steel cable using the magic of gravity between platforms built in trees.

Specialized guides will lead outdoor adventure lovers on this eco-tour. Ideal for those who enjoy a different angle as much as wind in their faces. Courses vary in height and number of platforms.

Adventure travel canopy in Pucón

When we entered the adventure park we were struck by how much visitors seemed to be enjoying themselves soaring from tree to tree. As soon as we had asked about the activity, we were determined to feel like birds for a while.

We were taken to the upper platforms where we were fitted with a harness, a helmet and gloves and then a carabiner and safety rope. We slowly approached the launching area where we were given our last instructions, especially how to place our hands, body and legs.

Among native coihues, oaks and elm trees, we glided from the first to the second stop on the tree tops. We became acquainted with the falling sensation and the use of the brake according to our body weight. After a short break encouraged by our guides, we set off again.

Adventure travel canopy in Pucón

A hanging ladder led us down to Trancura river, which we would cross by means of a short zip wire. Although we were not afraid, we were aware that crossing over the cold water required more boldness. It took only a few seconds to zoom across but it was absolutely thrilling.

As we advanced, we felt more and more relaxed until we did not need to focus all our attention on the zip line and could gaze at the breathtaking scenery. Our initial feeling of fear had turned into pleasure and self-confidence as well as trust in our guides.

The sounds of the forest, the joy and laughter of the adventurers and the team’s respect for the environment are unforgettable memories of this spectacular zip-lining tour.

Adventure travel canopy in Pucón


Canopy Bosque Aventura

Km. 10 Pucón - Caburgua, (4920000) , Pucón, IX Región de la Araucanía
Tel: +56 45-2444030
Cel: +56 993254795
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The adventure tour center is located 10 km from Pucón on the road to Caburga, Sector Metreñehue. The company provides shuttles.

The outing is suitable for the whole family. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and trekking shoes and bring sunscreen and insect repellent.


Canopy Bosque Aventura

Km. 10 Pucón - Caburgua
IX Región de la Araucanía
Tel: +56 45-2444030
Cel: +56 993254795

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