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Cochamó, One Place in the World

Mónica Pons Karina Jozami

Chosen by fans of outdoor activities, whether including adventure or not, this is also a site to relax, where trails invite visitors to go for a walk and to relish silence.

Cochamó and Fjord Reloncavi - Puerto Varas

Visitors to Cochamó are advised to get up early and let themselves be guided around by the locals. That is the best way to enjoy the day and not to leave anything to chance.

Route 225 borders Lake Llanquihue and is watched from a close distance by the Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes. We followed it along its paved stretch up to the point where the gravel southern road starts at the Petrohue River. We traveled a total distance of 91 kilometers through beautiful scenes to reach the Community of Cochamó. The Reloncaví Estuary gives life to this town of quiet streets with denizens who live on crops, livestock and fishing.

Cochamó and Fjord Reloncavi - Puerto Varas

The first activity in the morning was a ride on board a small fishing boat specially adapted to go on sea tours. As we traveled, we discovered the salmon breeding stations all along the coast and the guide told us about their tasks during the different seasons. We noticed something special on some whitish rocks. We asked the guide and heard they were bivalve mollusk seeds. As the mussels, cholgas and choros have been scarce in the last few years, growing these invertebrates artificially has caught on and become a good business for gatherers and breeding markets. We let ourselves be carried away by the estuary as we felt the wind on our faces and a very pleasant feeling of quietness.

“Time Does Not Matter Here”

That was the phrase read in a store sign. Taking that piece of advice, we resolved to wander around in the sunshine while we headed for some hot springs where we would enjoy baths in natural pools. Afterwards, always on board, we reached a Commerson’s dolphin and sea lions colony, and saw the latter lying on the rocks. We came close enough to take some photographs and see them dive into the water. Then we sailed up to Sotomó, a spot where lunch was waiting. We would taste the famous curanto al hoyo.

Cochamó and Fjord Reloncavi - Puerto Varas

The ingredients of this traditional Chilean dish started to appear at the recreational area located in the heights and featuring a spectacular view of the mountains and the sea. This dish is cooked underground, on previously heated rocks and the food used includes: beef and pork, chorizos, potatoes, corn and camote. Heat is concentrated with nalca and pangue leaves and portions of earth put on top. It takes a long time to cook and when served, it is accompanied with “milcao”, “chapalele” and pebre. Exquisite.

We went back on board in the early afternoon. On our way back, we visited Saint Louis Parish, located on the shore. As we reached the berth, we picked up some cholgas and got deep into Cochamó as the fishermen returned from their daily outings. Campo Aventura Lodge was awaiting us to keep on showing the natural secrets of the valley. The high neighboring woods, the constant presence of the sea and the hills with granite walls perfect for climbing turn this place into a highly appreciated haven, perfect to spend more than one day. We were supposed to return to Puerto Varas but wished to come back and see some more of this small but very amusing town.

Cochamó and Fjord Reloncavi - Puerto Varas


Campo Aventura & Outsider

San Bernardo 318, (5550000) , Puerto Varas, X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 65-2231056
Cel: +56 992894318
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Approximately 6-hour sailing, returning to the pier at about 5pm.



Useful Data

Opening hours

The excursion leaves at 8am from Puerto Varas, to be at the Cochamó pier at 9am.

Bear in mind

Take warm clothes and sun protection. After sailing, it is ideal to spend the night in the lodge and taste its excellent vegetarian menu.


Campo Aventura & Outsider

San Bernardo 318
Puerto Varas
X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 65-2231056
Cel: +56 992894318

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