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Forests, lakes and volcanic areas that help visitors get in touch with the most exciting geological changes in the area are discovered on foot, by bike or during an ATV ride.

Quads in Pucón

The Araucanía Region, in which the City of Pucón is immersed, has experienced plenty of natural phenomena and that is why this area features numerous recreational resources. ATV rides offer the chance to get close to them.

The mild weather makes it possible to enjoy outdoor tours which unveil the green foliage of the forest, trails with bushes in bloom and a pleasant natural perfume. It is in this scene that our visit to a lava river came up.

We got on a van that pulled a trailer carrying the ATVs and set out along the international route heading for the airport. We stopped at the right point, and got ready to ride these vehicles by putting on a jacket, gloves and helmet. After the brief technical instructions were heard, adventure began.

Quads in Pucón

We took a winding path featuring the imposing view of the Villarrica Volcano and rode towards the lava river we had heard so much about. Driving the ATVs is easy and we soon got used to its handlebars and to facing the bends without skidding while relishing the scene around us. The forest was made up by monkey-puzzle trees, lengas and chauras. We crossed very amusing creeks. We went uphill and reached a zone with thick vegetation that formed a kind of dark cave. Then we crossed a wooden bridge that ended at the lava channel.

“The eruption of the Villarrica in 1971 created this solid river of volcano scoria”, the guide explained. We parked the ATV to walk around the area and get to see every detail. As we moved on, we got more information about the effects of this volcanic episode. We could see many greyish rocks scattered around the field, clashing with the intense green ground.

The Villarrica is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile and it has maintained moderate but continuous activity throughout the years, which keeps the population alert. This is how the relief was transformed.

Quads in Pucón

The ride ended at a cascade that absolutely changed the previous scenery. We stopped there and had a chat about all the sights with which Pucón surprises visitors.


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Several travel agencies offer this ride at different times according to season.


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