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Mapuche Museum in Pucón

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

The objects on display are artistic and their symbolism brings us the vision the native peoples had of the world.

Mapuche Museum in Pucón

The Mapuche Museum in Pucón opened its gate thanks to a private undertaking whose aim was to watch part of the native heritage and spread it around.

The Ulloa-Metzger family gathered approximately 1,500 pieces throughout a hundred years, rescuing elements and stories of the original silverware and lythic art on display today in the museum room. We were welcomed by Gonzalo Ulloa, who has been in charge of guiding visitors around the venue and making very appealing comments together with his son Rodrigo. They both have a deep knowledge of the narrations about the tribes that settled down in southern Chile and their constant moves in search of supplies.

Mapuche Museum in Pucón

The magnificent work done by the family to rescue this ancient treasure, take care of the cultural heritage and share it with visitors was clear to us as we looked at the various glass cabinets.

There is a collection of highly valuable Pre-Columbian rocks, maybe one of the most complete in the country. Approximately a hundred ritual masks and social pipes, as well as other devices to use hallucinogen substances were used to get closer to the gods. Besides we saw countless small colorful beads made with natural pebbles and used as ornamentation. Other larger ones were carved with moons and suns and many others were used as daily tools.

Mapuche Museum in Pucón

The silverware works caught our eye and Gonzalo explained to us that they had been done by a more recent civilization, about 250 years ago. They were made by smelting silver coins the natives had received in retribution for their cattle heads. Breastplates, ceremonial masks and countless necklaces and ear-rings worn by the women as adornment are on display.

The Mapuches left their track in the area known as Araucanía. This enabled our civilization to understand their lifestyle, their thoughts and their shamanic art. During our visit to the museum, the sense of respect and identity shown to us by the guides left an undeletable imprint that got us closer to the native peoples.

Mapuche Museum in Pucón


Museo Mapuche de Pucón

Caupolicán 243, (4920000) , Pucón, IX Región de la Araucanía
Tel: +56 45-2441963
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Museo Mapuche de Pucón

Caupolicán 243
IX Región de la Araucanía
Tel: +56 45-2441963

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