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Resting at Coñaripe Hot Springs

Mónica Pons Gentileza de Termas de Coñaripe

In Coñaripe, the modern infrastructure of the hot spring resort invites everyone to spend a special day or, even more, to spend the night and return home feeling completely relaxed.

Coñaripe Hot Springs from Pucón

In the south of the mountain range area, volcanoes and hot springs converge in the Lake District. They provide the chance to make the most from the benefits of the hot groundwater conditioned by Coñaripe Hot springs to guarantee full pleasure.

In spite of having made a stop at Coñaripe Beach to feel the warm volcanic sand, the journey up to the hot spring venue was amusing and short. After that, Añiques slope and a splendid view of Lake Pellaifa waited.

Coñaripe Hot Springs from Pucón

As we entered the hot spring resort, we had a satisfying sensation. The thick woods seemed to shelter the various hot spring pools and the stone floors let us move without any inconvenience. We visited each of the areas and asked for advice about how the baths should be taken.

In the outdoor area we found various options: thermal water, cold water and thermal mud. An indoor pool and a semi covered pool offer hydrotherapy. That was where we spent most of the day, letting the therapeutic spurts fall on our shoulders to feel relieved from our cumulated stress.

Coñaripe Hot Springs from Pucón

The components of the hot spring waters are: sodium, calcium, boron, sulfates, magnesium and iron. The temperatures are constantly regulated. The combination of all these elements helps counteract tiredness, skin disorders and problems with the nervous system.

What is more, the restaurant and coffee store offer a complete menu of specialties. The hotel and cabins are equipped with great comfort and let visitors spend the night and feel as if they were at home. On the other hand, those who dare to experience some adventure will find horseback riding offers, hiking tours, fishing and mountain bike outings. The surroundings are ideal to see trails, lakes and waterfalls.

Coñaripe Hot Springs from Pucón

We returned to Pucón feeling certain that we had had an exceptional day thanks to the gratifying baths the Coñaripe Hot Springs had given us.


Termas Coñaripe

Camino Coñaripe-Liquiñe Km 15, (5210000) , Panguipulli, X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 45-2323800
Cel: +56 953347519
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Useful Data

How to get there

Head from Pucón to Villarrica and take the detour leading to Lican Ray and Coñaripe on the left before entering the city. This road borders Lake Calafquen and leads to Liquiñe. The distance to be covered on this road is 15 kilometers.


Termas Coñaripe

Camino Coñaripe-Liquiñe Km 15
X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 45-2323800
Cel: +56 953347519

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