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Caburgua, Translucent Eyes

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These natural water pools in the Valdivian temperate rainforest can be reached by car or bike.

Caburgua Eyes - Pucón

A classic outing from Pucón, Ojos del Caburgua natural pools are located near Lake Caburgua in the midst of a verdant rainforest.

We drove towards Lake Caburgua. Before getting there, we followed the road sign indicating a left turn and in only a few minutes we had reached the falls.

The turquoise blue water and the falls framed by the native forest were picture perfect. The spring comes from underground water from the lake and some nearby rivulets; the crystalline water is freezing cold. Also known as Blue Pond, it is surrounded by oak, chestnut and myrtle trees as well as Chilean firetrees.

Caburgua Eyes - Pucón

However, they are not the only ones. Farther ahead towards the lake, turning left at El Cristo, San Sebastián Carhuello Chapel can be seen and Bellavista and Los Copihues falls appear immediately after. Paths framed by exuberant vegetation lead to two spectacular falls and hidden pools reflecting the many hues of green around them.

We continued along the road to the lake until the meeting of two slow flowing rivers, forming little islands. It is the location of La Puntilla campsite. A little farther we were again surprised by the beauty of Carhuello and Carileufu falls. There is a choice of guesthouses in this amazing natural setting.

Caburgua Eyes - Pucón

People flock to the area in summer and unfortunately, can be careless. It is important to keep in mind that we must respect nature if we are to continue enjoying it.

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Tour type

mountain biking.

Useful Data

How to get there

Take International Route 7 from Pucón to Caburgua. Follow the road signs indicating a left turning to Ojos del Caburgua. It is 17 kilometers from the city center. To reach the lake, continue 7 kilometers.

Bear in mind

There is an admission fee
Bathing is forbidden
The campsite is at La Puntilla

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