Papudo / Zapallar

Papudo / Zapallar - Photos: Marcelo SolaPapudo / Zapallar - Photos: Marcelo Sola
Situated 170 kilometers to the North of Santiagoand 82 from Viña del Mar, Papudo features a vast placid coastline ideal to enjoy the beach, the sand and the sea with the family.

Summers are dry with temperatures close to 27 °C, whereas winters are rainy and temperatures reach scarcely 10 °C.

Papudo is immersed in a coast mountain area. It may be accessed through Road F 30-E, which connects it with the Cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, and N° 5 North Pan-American Road.

Its economy is based mainly on tourism, agriculture and fishing.

A site of golden beaches, Papudo has an important infrastructure to please the tourist. Its Yatch Club has increased its social and nautical activities year after year.

During the daytime, tourists gather at its two beaches: Playa Grande, to the North, with an abrupt slope and fine sand; and Playa Chica, with still waters, suitable for swimming and practicing nautical sports and scuba diving.

Furthermore, the large bay bathing the shores of Papudo is dwelled by diverse wildlife specimens attractive for tourists: penguins, otters, sea lions, seals and dolphins.

Lovers of fishing may go on boat rides or fish from the coast to catch remarkable specimens of conger, corvina, sole and seafood.

The rest of the tourist offer can be found in the streets of Papudo, in the architecture of Chalet Recart, the noisy sounds of the fishermen’s cove, the church, the craftsmen, the horseback rides opposite the shore and the Pullally Salt Deposit, where a natural salt mine, dunes and vestiges of a primitive settlement may be appreciated.

Only 5 kilometers away from Papudo, the exclusive bathing resorts of the City of Zapallar, where impressive residences face the sea and take hold of the scene, may be visited.

Come to Papudo, the place where the sea and the mountains have been joined together.

Map of Papudo / Zapallar