Ovalle - Photos: Marcelo SolaOvalle - Photos: Marcelo Sola
Capital of the Province of Limarí, the City of Ovalle is situated in one of the transversal valleys of the Coquimbo Region.

With a kind of weather quite favorable for the cultivation of vineyards that give origin to pisco and Chilean wine, it features great temperature extremes between day and night. In the summer, temperatures range between 15 and 30° C, whereas winters are colder.

Known as "The Pearl of the Limarí", Ovalle lies 421 kilometers to the North of Santiago and only 86 to the South of La Serena. To reach this region of Chile, visitors may use Routes D 43, D 45, D 55 and D 595, all of them in very good conditions and with proper use of sign posts.

The mountain ranges surrounding the city treasure gold, silver, copper and iron; therefore, mining activity is booming. The community’s economy is based mainly on agriculture and goat cattle.

When visiting Ovalle, it is recommended not to be directly exposed to the sun rays as the ultraviolet radiation levels in the area are quite high. It is ideal to use sunscreen and wear hats and UV filter sunglasses.

Land of the papaya and the chirimoya, Ovalle is characterized for having large water reservoirs such as Recoleta or La Paloma in its outskirts.

As far as tourism is concerned, the historical monument known as Valley of Charm, the Fray Jorge National Park –considered Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO- and Socos hot springs may be visited. As well, in February, the famous religious celebration in honor of Sotaqui's Child Jesus is held.

Other sites of great archeological significance are the Pichasca Natural Monument, located 49 kilometers away from the city, and the Limarí Archeological Museum, which houses ceramic items and tools from the Diaguita, Animas and El Molle cultures.

During the summer, Los Peñones bathing resort or the banks of the Hurtado River, to the North of the City, are the places chosen by a large number of people in search for shady trees and meltdown water.

Inside the city, attractions include the San Vicente Ferrer Parish, the Modelo Market, the natural vantage points and the Plaza de Armas -considered one of the most beautiful squares in the country.

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