History of Ovalle

Ovalle was founded in April 21, 1831, in the early days of the Republic of Chile. It was named after don José Tomás Ovalle Bezanilla, Vice President of the Nation, who had just passed away as a victim of TB one month before the foundation of the city.

One of the essential reasons for its creation was the remarkable existence of settlers, whose number already surpassed the two thousand dwellers in those days.

As time went by, the city continued to develop, especially as a result of mining exploitation. After becoming consolidated as such, Ovalle obtained the hierarchy of city by a decree passed in December 31, 1867, during the administration of José Joaquín Pérez Mascayano, who governed the country between 1861 and 1871.

At present, it belongs to the IV Region and it is the capital of the Province of Limarí. Its climate is propitious for growing vine to make pisco and the good Chilean wine. Its well-defined green valley, which makes contrast with the Andes Mountain Range, invites visitors to tour its streets and get to know the various tourist aspects of this beautiful Chilean city.