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Karina Jozami Eduardo Epifanio

Beautiful, charming, Castro can captivate its visitors. From its palafittes to the market, this city shows why it is considered the nicest in Chiloé.

City Tour Around Castro, Chiloé

Touring its streets, discovering its typical architecture, watching the movement at the port and chatting with its people let visitors understand why Castro is one of the favorite cities at Chiloé. There are certain inevitable spots and outings for visitors to manage a better knowledge and understanding of the identity of this people.

The Regional Museum, located on Esmeralda Street, displays a complete historical collection and represents a relevant cultural space. Created in 1967 as a result of the effort made by local institutions, this museum has permitted the rescue of the island's collective memory, shared with visitors today.

City Tour Around Castro, Chiloé

The same street leads to Saint Francis' Church. Declared World National Heritage and Monument, the beauty of this temple built in 1910 stands out from the rest of the churches in Chiloé. After beholding it, visitors may go down San Martín Street up to Sotomayor heading for the seafront.

The colorful palafittes dominate the coast scenery, where several restaurants offer irresistible seafood dishes and other typical specialties such as casseroles and smoked fish at very accessible prices. Very close, next to the pier, stands the Lillo handicrafts market, ideal to purchase some crafts carved in wood, attractive woven textiles from Chiloé and other souvenirs made by native hands.

City Tour Around Castro, Chiloé

After visiting the port with its small fishing boats, it is advisable to go up O'Higgins Street and turn into Galvarino Riveros Street in order to visit the market known as Feria Campesina (Peasant's Market) and the Modern Art Museum. The perfect finale for this tour is the Gamboa vantage point, which offers a pretty panoramic view of the city.

City Tour Around Castro, Chiloé


Municipalidad de Castro

Blanco 273, (5700000) , Castro, X Región de los Lagos
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Municipalidad de Castro

Blanco 273
X Región de los Lagos

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