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Valdivia, Urban and Navigable

Mónica Pons Marcelo Sola

Visitors will need more than one day to get to see the multiple attractions of the oldest city in the country.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

The coquettish city of Valdivia is nestled in the River Region, where the navigation network is part of the urban scene. Walking around its urban shell, crossing its emblematic bridges and its easy access to the sea are the greatest pleasures it has to offer.

We hired a city tour at an agency. We were picked up at the hotel by a guide and a shuttle. Our first destination was Arturo Pratt Avenue, also known as the riverfront drive. This is the main pedestrian promenade in the city. It runs alongside the Calle Calle River, where we were impressed by the River Market, the tour motorboats and the shipyards.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

We went around its typical market, where fresh fish and seafood, as well as fruit and vegetables brought from the islands are offered for sale. On the other side of the river, we could see the buildings housing the Historical and Contemporary Art Museums. We walked up to the point where we caught sight of the Cau Cau River, which surround Teja Island.

Back on the bus, we moved along General Lagos Avenue towards the oldest neighborhood in the city. We stopped at Torreón del Canelo, a sentinel’s post used by the Spanish during the colony to defend themselves from the natives and the pirates. “Pedro de Valdivia founded this city in 1522 and it has always been a thriving place, with outstanding historical events”, said the guide.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

Following the itinerary, we noticed the architectural style had a strong German accent as a result of the strong immigration movement that took place after the Second World War. We also visited the area known as Las Mulatas, a traditional axis of the agricultural development in the past.

We were told that the earthquake and tsunami that hit Valdivia in 1960 changed the local physiognomy and economy, based on the port industry and sown fields. Its population stood up, searched for new resources and succeeded.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

Once we returned to the downtown, we spotted Saint Francis’ Church and the main square, also known as Plaza de la República or Plaza de Armas. We got off the bus at this location on Picarte Avenue in order to appreciate the details of its gardens and gazebo, the House of Government and the Cathedral.

Then we crossed Pedro de Valdivia Bridge heading for Teja Island, where we saw the university campus of the Universidad Austral de Chile. A short visit to the Botanic Garden gave us an idea of the native and exotic species that inhabit the Valdivian rainforest.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

We got away from the city and followed the waterfront road towards Niebla, crossing bridges, getting past docks and the junction of the Cruces and Calle Calle River, where the Valdivia River starts. At that moment, we could spot the horizon on the Pacific Ocean in its entire splendor: a magnificent show indeed.

History Is Written Here

The fort called El Castillo de Niebla is situated on a strategic point facing the sea. It has left its imprint on Valdivia during the events that took place in the eighteenth century, when it became its defense point. Inside the museum, several objects on display in glass cabinets, including documents, flags and apparel, give evidence of the pirates’ ambition. Outside, walls built with a stone of volcanic origin known as cancagua and cannons cast in Spain are the silent representatives of this historical past.

Sightseeing in Valdivia and its outskirts

We traveled on along the coast that led us to the beaches known as Los Molinos, San Ignacio, Calfuco and Curiñanco, while the sea roared furiously and the waves hit the shore. We could not take our eyes off that huge scene in front of us.

As we went back to the downtown, we stopped to taste the delicious Kunstmann beer at its brewery. We were given a lecture in which we understood that the presence of the water and the fact that the rivers are navigable provides this city with an exceptional charm. And we made a toast feeling grateful to have visited this place.


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Compañía Cervecera Kunstmann
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Igor’s Gastronomía Marina
Esq. Costanera de Los Molinos

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Tourists may choose to hire a sightseeing guided tour to make the most of this visit and learn detailed information about the area.


Patagonia Adventure Center

Los Castellanos s/n
XIV Región de los Ríos
Tel: +56 63-2282154

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