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Elegant Puerto Varas

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Puerto Varas is a lively city throughout the year. The early twentieth-century architecture, the colorful gardens and really friendly people all add to make it so appealing.

City tour around Puerto Varas

The streets of Puerto VarasLake Llanquihue, its bays and gently sloping beaches, ideal for swimming and water sports, make it the most popular summer destination.       
Having first been a commercial port which changed its status to villa in 1897 is probably why it quickly became a tourist attraction.
In summer, visitors saunter up and down the wide streets and boulevards lined with amazing roses, and stop at the cafés, tea-houses and restaurants to enjoy the high quality of the gastronomy resulting from the fusion of German and Chilean cuisine. 

City tour around Puerto Varas

We strolled from end to end of the Pérez Rosales boardwalk which runs the full length of the city. We noticed that although buildings are taller than those in neighboring resorts, both apartment buildings and shops have beautifully tended gardens.       
Among the large number of yachts, sailing boats and motor boats calmly rocking in the lake, one stood out: the Captain Haase. This old sailing ship, anchored a few meters from the coast, is an exact replica of those used by settlers a long, long time ago.
Piedraplen wharf also has a history of its own as it played an important part in the life of the colony. At present it is a really popular spot, including the Casa del Turista as well as artisans and musicians with their scores and violins.

City tour around Puerto Varas

Phillipi and Calvario are two great natural scenic points. The view of the city, its surroundings, the sheer size of Lake LLanquihue and the lush vegetation was breathtaking.   
Walking in the city center we discovered its cultural heritage and historical treasures. The Church of the Holy Heart, Kuschel and Niklitschek houses are but three examples of the true German legacy of the early twentieth century.
Next to Plaza de Armas two covered streets are the ideal venue for special events Puerto Varas. One of them, taking place at the beginning of February every year is the renowned Kuchen Fair.
During our stay we witnessed this special gathering of tantes, as these famed pastry chefs are known. There is a delicious variety of kuchen whose recipes are well-kept secrets handed down by their German mothers and grandmothers. An incredible array of murta, (myrtus ugni), raspberries, gooseberries and cream is displayed on a long table for everyone to taste and then decide on the winner, based on the best flavor, texture and appearance.

City tour around Puerto Varas

It was a unique opportunity for us to forget about cholesterol and weight for a day and taste as many flavors as possible. We recommend checking the date of the fair in advance.   
If you are a fan of outdoor activities, there are so many things to do in and around this awesome city in southern Chile that time will never be enough. Tourism services cover every possible option to visit volcanoes, rivers and lakes, have a go at water skiing, rafting, fly fishing or intense trekking.      
Nighttime is different to daytime but none the less active. When the street lamps along the boardwalk light up, it is time for romantic walks as the colors change and the restaurants and the huge casino near the wharf display their signs.
This enchanting city can definitely make us lose track of time.

City tour around Puerto Varas
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