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Angling outings and horseback rides complete the chances to enjoy the environment in a straightforward way and admire woods, rivers and lakes of crystal-clear waters.

Adventure Sports at Puerto Octay

Several circuits to enjoy outdoor activities start at Puerto Octay. Nature is prodigal in well-defined spaces when it comes to organizing an outing that may take a few hours or longer.

Trails began to multiply the moment we got away from the center. They led to spaces of great beauty that varied as we moved along. These hiking tours go across very old pine tree groves, huge evergreen prairies and everyone is free to choose the path of their preference. The Patagonian cypress wood, Mount Los Arenales or some natural viewpoint featuring neighboring water bodies are some of the options. Another one is a complete ride around Lake Llanquihue and then reaching Lake Todos los Santos, lying next to very steep mounts.

We personally intended to get on board a watercraft in the company of a guide in order to catch a good trout in the nooks of Lake Llanquihue. We confirmed the fishing outing and were taken to Ports Fonck and Klocker and to Las Cascadas. We caught some good specimens trying various angling modalities. We sailed on the Gaviotas River and Lake Los Quetros, famous for their rainbow and brown trout. A different regulation is in force in these fishing environments and other rods and lures are necessary.

Adventure Sports at Puerto Octay

On another outing, we visited the natural hot springs lying close to Lake Rupanco. They certainly relieved our physical ailments resulting from the intense hiking we had just experienced. Located in a privileged spot, the Puntiagudo and Osorno Volcanoes were our companions.

During all the outings we enjoyed in the company of local denizens, we were able to map wildlife in the various natural surroundings. Some tracks on the ground revealed the presence of mammals we were not able to see. Instead, we watched several birds such as chucao, hummingbird and kingfisher, especially in the understory and humid places. We kept silent when told to and used our binoculars to make out the various species.

Featuring a wide array of scenes, the area close to Puerto Octay has given way to all kinds of sport resources where the only essential thing about them is that they are practiced in the open air, under the stars in splendid natural spaces.

Adventure Sports at Puerto Octay


Municipio de Puerto Octay - Dep.Turismo

Pedro Montt 378, (5370000) , Puerto Octay, X Región de los Lagos
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Municipio de Puerto Octay - Dep.Turismo

Pedro Montt 378
Puerto Octay
X Región de los Lagos
Tel: +56 64-2391860

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