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Peumayen Hot Springs and Good Eating

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

A hot spring resort that gathers well-designed cuisine, the relax offered by the natural waters and the chance to spend the night at comfortable cabins rises amidst the native forest.

Cuisine at Peumayen Hot Springs - Pucón

Lefincul Valley and the Liucura River accompany the magical site occupied by Peumayen Hot Springs. Its large buildings and outdoor pool appear on uneven ground with magnificently landscaped gardens.

We accessed the venue following the advice provided by those who had already had lunch at its famous restaurant. After seeing it, we resolved to take a hot spring bath before lunch. Thus, we visited its ample screened swimming pool with large windows onto the green vegetation, ideal for the low temperature season. We chose the other alternative: the outdoor pools.

In order to reach the natural pools located on the shores of the river, we had to go down a steep cliff. Two large pools invited us to take a dive. Amidst rocks, ferns and a cascade, our bodies enjoyed the warm waters featuring between 32 and 39 degrees centigrade, as well as the quietness offered by the green surroundings and a calm refreshing waterway.

When it was time for lunch, we approached the restaurant and had a pleasant talk with its chef and owner: Michel Moutrousteguy. We became familiar with the basic concept of his contrast cuisine, which has managed to mingle the high French school with the wisdom of the natives: the Mapuches.

Cuisine at Peumayen Hot Springs - Pucón

Though it is a young venue, Michel is backed by a vast gastronomic experience. When he started this undertaking, he set himself the goal of giving hierarchy to his cuisine. “A cook must be the owner of his business if he wishes the ingredients of his recipes to be high quality”, he said. He is satisfied to have a menu rich in taste, perfect ingredients and recipes that may mingle and defend family Basque-French high cuisine with traditional native touches. Thus, his dishes contain elements such as merken, potato miñaqui, quinoa, pine nuts or murta, typically native ingredients.

With this in mind, he designs dishes based on the products of his orchard at different seasons. He has imposed his own style. Then, we let Michel surprise us with his creations and as we waited for the dishes to land on our table, we were entertained with delicious lemon juice and mint tea accompanied with home-baked bread and butter with fines herbes.

Cuisine at Peumayen Hot Springs - Pucón

As a starter, we were served pork roll stuffed with venison and berries accompanied with rhubarb compote. That exquisite combination softly flattered our palate.

The main course was a plateada: two pieces of slow cooked lamb (shank and shoulder), associated with a mixture of fresh vegetables, namely artichoke, radish, asparagus and arugula flowers. When it was time for dessert, we were brought a cup of black mint, fennel and strawberry ice-cream and a crepe celestino filled with dulce de leche. Fennel ice-cream?, was our comment. Yes, fennel. And it was the most delicious of all. Each of the courses boasted incredible presentation and harmonious flavors.

We did not spend the night but took home the clear sensation of relax provided by the pleasant atmosphere and the politeness of each member of the staff, especially Michel. We enjoyed each bite without haste and the well-being in our bodies after a day at the Peumayen Hot Springs.

Cuisine at Peumayen Hot Springs - Pucón


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How to get there

Getting there
At Pucón, take the international road up to the detour to Lake Caburgua and then the road leading to Huife. The total distance is 28 kilometers.


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