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Tale of Three Cities

Pablo Etchevers Jorge Gonzalez

Leaving from Los 聲geles, visitors may tour around three beautiful cities featuring attractions and secrets of their own. An ideal circuit to complete in only one day.

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Victoria and Its Old Fort

Back in 1881, this used to be a fort built to defend the territories conquered from the natives in the last occupation campaigns held in this Araucano region.

Today, the population of the city reaches about 20 thousand inhabitants and its most typical attractions are the main square and its market, as well as some stores that still preserve their fa蓷des.

Its most significant attraction is located between Chorrillos and Condell Streets, where the prison and the lyceum stand nowadays. Years ago, it was the site for the first settlement of the city: the fort.

Victoria is ideal to stroll about while watching the houses and streets and discovering vestiges of the times when this region was the object of struggles and riots. At present, peace rules.

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Many-sided Traigu幯
Leaving Victoria, the road leads us to Traigu幯, a city that also started as a fort.

This small city has the particular feature of having welcomed colonists from various sites during the late XIXth. These immigrants settled down in these lands and gave life to them. Some of them were German, French, Swiss and Italian and they soon devoted their days to cultivating the land with wheat fields, most of them even brought from old Europe.

In 1889, the railway reached the city. This may be appreciated while walking down the streets of the small community. The first electric locomotive that worked in Chile in 1900 is displayed in one of its squares.

Jos Bunster was one of the protagonists of the towns growth. His mills generated a significant industrial peak for years, with factories and workshops settled in the surroundings of the city.
One of them was the furniture factory called Traigu幯, founded in 1888 by a Swiss colonist. It is still open for visitors all year round. The most ancient labor union in the country started there.

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Capit嫕 Pastene, the Worship of Italian Pasta

Leaving Traigu幯, and only a few kilometers away, lies the District of Capit嫕 Pastene. This city was founded in 1904 by Italian immigrants and it preserves the Italian architecture of the XXth century intact in its houses and streets.

The truth is that, in addition to devoting themselves to the activities expected in the new continent (agriculture and cattle-raising), these colonists brought along their traditions, especially their gastronomy, which they maintain to this date.

In March, the anniversary of the arrival of the first colonists is commemorated in a traditional celebration. Typical dances, fancy costumes and popular games are enjoyed along with dishes such as sausages, ham, wine and, of course, the best pasta in the entire region.

Visit to the surroundings of Los 聲geles


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After visiting these three cities, the tour may continue up to the Nahuelbuta National Park, one of the monkey-puzzle reservoirs located very close to the Pacific Ocean. This is quite unusual as this species grows mostly in the Andes Mountain Range.


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