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Golf for Everyone

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At Coique Bay, visitors may enjoy an amusing golf match on a course equipped with everything necessary to have a good time. An interesting circuit to indulge yourself at the Xth Region.

Golf at Coique Bay – Lake Ranco, Futrono

Just before sunset, we headed for the Northwestern shore of Lake Ranco. There lies Coique Bay, an exquisite tourist resort with high level services and infrastructure that please the most demanding guests.

The purpose of the visit was to play a simple 9-hole match on the estate golf course which, according to the inhabitants of Futrono is one of the best courses in the Xth Region.

In this opportunity, Mauricio Meyor and Marcelo Marin were expecting us. They were in charge of showing us around the venue, of telling us about its features and of challenging us with a match.

The good thing about golf is that one can compete with oneself and break one’s own record, or somebody else’s. It is a very exciting sport. This kind of practices always implies the inborn impulse to improve one’s talent. In addition to this feeling, the magnificent scenery surrounding us was a most tempting invitation we had to accept.

Golf at Coique Bay – Lake Ranco, Futrono

The course is located in a beautiful natural environment typical of southern Chile. It has impressive views of Lake Ranco and it is surrounded by the Andes Mountain Range. In this area, various local species reminded us that we were very close to the Valdivian rainforest.

In spite of having very undulated fairways, sown with the best pastures, attractive greens with challenging slopes and perfectly mingled bunkers, the course has not been federated yet; therefore, it is open for visitors. Its 27 hectares include an area for beginners and another one for practices. Services also include caddies and trainers.
This double 9-hole circuit is par 72. There are five types of outings: black, for professionals; white, for men; red, for women; and yellow and light-blue, for kids.

Golf at Coique Bay – Lake Ranco, Futrono

The game began. Feeling the fresh air, resting our sigth on the wide green surface and listening to the sound of the birds on their way back to their nests helped us make contact with the natural environment. A carefully thought, studied and even memorized swing may be practiced on this course, but when the game is played quickly, it is felt as pure instinct and sensation. The daily tension slowly disappeared and the game became the protagonist.

We passed the various holes. On some ocassions, our ball fell on a sand or water trap, but the best thing about all this was that we had fun and spent a pleasant moment to break with routine in a place very close to Futrono.

It is important to mention that in the summer, other activities may be enjoyed in the surroundings of the venue, such as hiking tours, mountain biking, horseback rides or fly-fishing outings.

Coique Bay Camping Site

Golf at Coique Bay – Lake Ranco, Futrono

It is well-known that one of the best beaches to enjoy sunshine and the water in Lake Ranco lies in Coique Bay. Mauricio and Marcelo led us to the camping site facilities so that we would see them and plan our next vacations.

The camping site is open for all visitors. Special interest has been put on eco-tourism. Native trees have been recently planted at the venue and they need care and protection for visitors.

We quickly realized that we could spend unforgettable days on the shores of Lake Ranco, enjoying the sandy beaches, the crystal-clear waters and, as usual, the beautiful southern landscapes.

Golf at Coique Bay – Lake Ranco, Futrono

The camping site is divided into 50 sections of 70 square meters each, with electricity, drinking water, tables, fire pits, roof and private bathrooms, as well as hot water.
Visitors have access to the first aid kit at the manager’s office.

Kids may enjoy intense games in the various courts and courses of the venue and along the 1,000 meters of shore.

It is essential to point out that food and hygiene supplies may be acquired at the camping site’s market.

For the satisfaction of tourists, the facilities of Coique Bay include a series of services that will make their stay more amusing. Some of them are a top restaurant, a pub and discotheque and a handicrafts store.

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Useful Data

How to get there

leaving from Futrono, travel 4 km up to Coique Bay. Leave the city through Route 5 and follow the sign posts.

Bear in mind

make reservations in advance. It is not necessary to carry your own clubs to play golf. There is an equipment rental at the course.

Where to Sleep: Coique Bay offers accommodation services in family week apartments.

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