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The Flavors of Lake Ranco

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When in Futrono, we sat at the table of various gourmet places with a well-defined style. Here we present four gastronomic expressions to taste without guilt.

Gastronomic Tour in Futrono

A combination of nature and solitude, surrounded by forests and mountains, Lake Ranco offers distinguished epicurean alternatives when it comes to eating well and healthily. This is what we liked best about restaurants in Futrono.

De Pellín y Coigue

Hosted by its owners, Vicente Pérez Rosales and his wife María José García de Ceca, this is one of the best known steak restaurants in Futrono.

The polite assistance, the freshness of their products and the flavor of the smoking meat have guaranteed success.

This rustic and cozy restaurant owes its name – De Pellín y Coigue – to the fact that it has been completely built with local wood. Nestled in a high area, it features a huge panoramic view of the entire Lake Ranco and the neighboring shores. The building is spacious enough to house more than 10 tables. However, we recommend that you make reservations in advance.

While you wait for your order, you may watch or purchase various handicrafts displayed on one of its corners.

Gastronomic Tour in Futrono

This restaurant’s cuisine is basically traditional, with some fusion details. Whoever sits at its table should try a soft starter such as salmon carpaccio with capers, Parmisan cheese and alfalfa sprouts; or the traditional fried empanaditas stuffed with meat or cheese.

The main course must unquestionably be asado. Vicente is in charge of grilling delicious pieces of meat, pork and various beef cutlets in the stick, which aquire a singular taste. They may be accompanied with fresh salads, gratinéd potatoes with bechamel sauce, bacon and cheese, or else, with some original merken potatoes.

Desserts deserve a chapter of their own. The chef, always supervised by María José, prepares delicious creations such as nougat candy in wine sauce, tiramisu, suspiro limeño or apple caramel, to mention some of the most outstanding options.

Gastronomic Tour in Futrono

If you make up your mind for this gastronomic alternative, you only need to ask for plenty of Chilean wine. The carmenere grape has given very good results in this country. We recommend that you taste it.

In the evenings, the dim lights and the firewood in the wood stove fill this place with an intimate atmosphere, ideal to spend pleasant moments with friends.

El Chamullo Restaurant

This is the only restaurant in Futrono where fresh seafood and fish may be tasted all year round.

Its owner, don Sergio Pino, a.k.a. “El Chamullo”, has managed to print his taste, his charm and good assistance on his dishes, typically homemade but definitely elaborated.

Along with his wife Nancy, he has worked in the gastronomic field for the last 12 years. Various celebrities have sat at the tables of “El Chamullo”.

The name of the place responds to the remarkable habit its owner has to talk to customers while they wait for their order. With great excitement, don Pino tells stories, tales and riddles that reach the heart of the audience and earn him a good applause.

Gastronomic Tour in Futrono

To start ordering, we recommend the typical fried empañaditas stuffed with meat, accompanied with a glass of chicha de uva de Curacaví, to whet your appetite.

Some Chilean cueca or Mexican music will surely invade the atmosphere while the smell of seafood will enchant customers from the kitchen.

As main course, curanto a la olla is a must. It is made with smoked pork, cholgas, picorocos, chicken, longaniza, mussels and potatoes. Do not miss the bread rolls and the tasty broth where this dish was prepared.

The delicious house white wine served chilled will be enough to enjoy this elixir of sensations.

Hostería Chollinco

Located at the foot of the mountain range, between Lakes Ranco and Maihue, lying on the shores of the Calcurrupe River, Fundo-Hostería Chollinco offers a distinguished Club House for tourists or guests to enjoy its cuisine, which stands out for its river products.

The place itself is a gathering point for lovers of nature, anglers or adventure tourism enthusiasts who wish to enjoy intrepid zip-lining in the venue.
If lunch time comes while you are visiting this beautiful site, do not worry. Don Miguel Proboste – owner of the estate– offers traditional dishes and select regional wines that will let customers celebrate their visit.

Gastronomic Tour in Futrono

This place is decorated with local woodworks, flowers and a huge panel where customers may appreciate pictures from 1972 showing trout of incredible sizes and weights caught at the Calcurrupe River.

In order to make waiting more pleasant, order a serving of delicious empanadas stuffed with cochaiuio (algae with a high protein content) or beef, accompanied with some refreshing Chilean pisco.

As a main course, do not hesitate to order some delicious buttered trout with pepper and lemon. If you like lean meat, you had better try the wild boar served at Chollinco.
In order to follow the same line, we recommend a fresh dessert dish made with myrtle berries and quince. Afterwards, go on enjoying the day in this wonderful place.

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