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Setting out aboard the Colono

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Sailing without haste in the lake waters framed by the coasts and volcanoes make us enjoy a particular, wide and impressive view of the outskirts of Frutillar.

Cruising aboard the Colono - Frutillar

Anyone may choose Frutillar as a destination for its quietness, spectacular beaches formed by volcanic sand and cultural development. Besides, there is a chance of sailing on board the tourist motorboat Colono.

Walking around this town, we stared at this motorboat in the beautiful water body. Its white color and smooth movement encouraged us to get on board and visit the Yatch Club. Over there, as Colono was moored at the pier, we could admire its design and meticulous neatness and we booked a sailing excursion for the following day.

We arrived on time and everything was ready to set out across a quiet lake, with a clear and windless sky, which made us think that this would be a pleasant cruising.

Once we smoothly moved a few meters offshore, Frutillar could be seen from a different perspective and it looked more stunning and longer. A building that really stood out was Teatro del Lago (Lake Theater) built on the lake. It boasts wooden walls, a glass tower on top and large windows that bring in light to the concert rooms.

Cruising aboard the Colono - Frutillar

We could see the waterfront avenue, called Phillipi, where old and huge wooden houses built by German immigrants were settled and tea houses, hotels and restaurants are still open. All these buildings represent the history of this town and they looked even more beautiful from the Colono.

Frutillar has another side, the one with concerns about the environment and the preservation of the essence of a quiet town which, in turn, is willing to keep its high quality tourism. We stared at the new residential community called Patagonia Virgin, a town inside another town, designed with the purpose of developing this new concept. This urban development with some of its first summer houses already built include marina services with its own pier and a reforestation project using native species.

Even though it was not cold on the deck, we decided to get inside the beautiful interior of the boat, which has two wide sections with comfortable armchairs. The first one has large windows overlooking the natural landscape and a pretty buffet that offered hot or cold drinks along with brunch. Afterwards, we noticed the sophisticated woodworking and fabrics on the armchairs we chose to sit down and relax. After a while we could confirm that we did not hear any sound of engines or perceive any motorboat movements on board either, which made this outing even more pleasant.

Cruising aboard the Colono - Frutillar

As we talked about this motorboat, one member of the crew told us: “It is 20 meters long. It has modern equipment and it has sailed these waters since early in 2008, when the Cofradía Náutica of Frutillar strove to take back the essence of lake traffic of old colonists during a long time.”

One and thousand times our eyes turned to the neighboring Osorno Volcano, surrounded by a cloud at the top and with a permanent ghostly halo all around.

When we finally were at the dock of the Yatch Club, we said goodbye to the Colono happy of having enjoyed this special outing which refreshed our mood and calmed our minds.

Cruising aboard the Colono - Frutillar


Cofradía Náutica de Frutillar

Camino Punta Larga kilómetro 0,4, (5620000) , Frutillar, X Región de los Lagos
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Cofradía Náutica de Frutillar

Camino Punta Larga kilómetro 0,4
X Región de los Lagos

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