History of Frutillar

Villa del Frutillar was founded on November 23, 1856, after the arrival of the first 47 families of German colonists that were brought along by the resolution of the then President of Chile, Mr. Manuel Montt.

Mr. Bernardo E. Philippi and Mr. Vicente Pérez Rosales fostered the colonization of the southern lands and negotiated the arrival of these German families in the area. Heinrich Kuschel, Christian Nannig, Christian Winckler, Adams Schmidt and Theodor Niklitschel were some of their names.

These men established their houses near the surrounding hills and devoted themselves basically to agricultural and industrial tasks, such as the development of tannery venues, mills and distilleries.

It is important to point out that Frutillar used to be a major connection between Puerto Montt and Osorno. This encouraged its fast industrial and commercial growth. The appearance of the railway in 1907 and the station also boomed the development of the town.

Ever since 1968, the event known as Frutillar Musical Week has been held at this district. This is one of the most outstanding cultural and artistic celebrations in the area, in which music becomes the main protagonist and attendants may enjoy symphonic and philharmonic orchestras, choirs, as well as national and international performers.

In 1972, the German Colonial Museum was created in order to pay homage to the immigrants. Nowadays, Frutillar features a strongly developed urban settlement as far as cuisine, accommodation and nautical activities are concerned.