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A Taste of Sea

Karina Jozami Santiago Gaudio

Caleta Lenga offers over twenty restaurants specialized in sea dishes that stand out in the Bío Bío Region.

Lenga Cove from Concepción

Caleta Lenga appears before us as a quaint postcard of fishermen which borders San Vicente Bay. It is located in the Community of Hualpén, just 16 kilometers North of Concepción.

The population of this small settlement used to live on fishing and the collection of gracilaria algae or pelillo, but at present it has done its best to become a gastronomical center attracting both national and foreign tourists.

Lenga Cove from Concepción

Under the slogan “Lenga, a real taste of sea”, dozens of restaurants are already an icon of the regional cuisine at Bío Bío. Most of these venues specialized in sea delicacies are facing the sea and they offer delicious fish and seafood dishes, such as empanadas, pailas marinas, Parmesan or Pil Pil machas, carapachos or reinetas, fried hake and conger, among other versions.

But in addition to tempting customers with this delicious program, the inlet also offers a vast deserted beach where swimming has been forbidden as a result of an oil leak that polluted the waters in 1975. However, water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing may be practiced on these waters.

Lenga Cove from Concepción

The estuary is another attraction at Lenga. Black-necked and coscorova swans, cormorants, hawks and pelicans, among other wild birds that may be observed during a quiet stroll, reach this natural shelter in order to procreate and nest.

In turn, ascents to Mount Teta Norte, from where a beautiful panoramic sight of San Vicente Bay and Arauco Gulf may be caught, horseback rides and bicycle circuits are parts of the amusing invitation presented by this beautiful inlet.

Lenga Cove from Concepción
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