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Chile Chico Welcomes Us

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As the capital of the community and due to its proximity to the Argentinian border, it is a mandatory route for cars and trucks who travel to Cochrane, Caleta Tortel, Villa O´Higgins and the Southern Road.

City Tour in Chile Chico

Chile Chico is the starting point towards several natural attractions of great beauty located in the surroundings. In turn, this town has its own charm, which makes it even more attractive, especially after walking around its urban grid and understanding the local lifestyle.

Featuring broad paved streets lined by trees, Chile Chico has a pleasant climate, very suitable for lush vegetation and outstanding tree species. Some avenues, like O’Higgins for example, have a neat garden in the middle and the poplar tree groves contribute to stopping the wind coming from Lake General Carrera.

All the services, accommodation, restaurants and the bank are located around the Plaza de Armas (main square). We passed by the Town Hall office, the Civil Registry and stayed for a while watching the first English ship that sailed around the area. Built entirely with wood, ever since 1922 the Andes used to be the only service the settlers had to contact other towns in the lake basin.

City Tour in Chile Chico

We walked along its eye-catching waterfront, where we saw the port and a dock where the barge that joins Chile Chico and Puerto General Ibáńez is moored. At the ship company offices, we were given information about the timetables and frequency of the crossings. We understood perfectly well how this means of transportation contributes to the integration of the southern corridor and the City of Coyhaique.

There are plenty of farms in the outskirts of the village. Many of them were established by Belgian immigrants. As a result of the fertile valley where they are nestled, the plantations of fruit and vegetables and the breeding of farm animals are part of the local economy.

City Tour in Chile Chico

We were impressed by the large amount of youths, many of them foreigners, carrying their backpacks. Feeling adventurous, they choose nearby beautiful destinations to be reached either on foot, or by bike or motorbike. These include the Jeinimeni National Reserve and the river, the famous Capillas de Mármol (Marble Chapels), Lake Bertrand, Jara Bay, Piedra Parada and Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands).

City Tour in Chile Chico

The Wind Viewpoint lies on the western end of O´Higgins Boulevard. This is a square located in the heights and featuring a view of the town, the lake and the surrounding mountains. It may be accessed either by car or through a long staircase that starts at the waterfront by the pier. The square is ornamented with flags and windsocks similar to those present in airfields. The wind is a great protagonist at this location. Evidence of this fact is given by these elements and the big walls of the viewpoint facilities which make the wind sound.

City Tour in Chile Chico

All in all, Chile Chico is highly appreciated by its small size but its grand tourist profile.


Sernatur Municipalidad de Chile Chico

O'higgins 3333, (6050000) , Chile Chico / Lago G. Carrera, XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáńez del Campo
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City Tour.


Sernatur Municipalidad de Chile Chico

O'higgins 3333
Chile Chico / Lago G. Carrera
XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáńez del Campo

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